You can find Ziploc bags in almost every kitchen. In fact, they’re super handy when it comes to packing lunches almost every day.

But maybe you accidentally ordered a huge box of them, or you’re hoping to branch out a little bit. No matter the reason, it’s great to get creative and find new uses for everyday things.

Let’s dive right into the best ways to use your Ziploc bags to their fullest!

Best Uses for Ziploc Bags

From decorating to fun arts and crafts projects, little plastic baggies have way more uses than you could have imagined.

And you can even get your kids involved with a couple of the ways, as long as they’re old enough to handle plastic bags.

We’ll start off with a no-brainer: cake decorating.

Cake decorating

Have you ever found yourself on your couch watching Food Network and being entranced by how the chefs decorate their cakes? Us too. But we know not everyone has a fancy piping kit.

But you don’t need a fancy kit to make stunning cakes.

You can use your Ziploc bags to make stand-in piping bags. This method is tried and true, and you won’t believe how easy it is.

Just take one of your bags and a tall cup from your cabinet. Then place your plastic baggie in your cup, using the lip of it to keep your bag open, upright, and still.

Then spoon the frosting of your choice into the bag and try to get it all in one corner.

After you have frosting in the plastic bag, close it up and take it out of your cup. Then take a pair of scissors and cut off one of the corners. This part is where you can get really creative and cut either a single hole or multiple.

Then all there is to do is twist the baggie like you would a piping bag and decorate your cake — no cleanup required!

Mess-free finger painting

If you’re a parent of small children, we’re sure you’re familiar with how popular finger paint is, as well as the mess that goes along with it.

But if your Ziploc bags are large enough, you can finger paint without a huge mess.

Simply place a piece of paper (or a small canvas) and the paints of your choice inside of a Ziploc bag and securely close it.

Then give it to your child and let them move the paint around to create a masterpiece! Just know that older kids will try to open the bag, and that’s alright. Messes will happen, and at least you tried.

And if you don’t have kids, you can do this with your fur babies too. The setup is the same, only once the bag is closed you can put peanut butter on the outside.

When your dog licks the peanut butter away, they’ll leave you with a lovely painting that they created all by themselves.

Clean your shower head

You know that every time you tidy up your bathroom, you should also wipe down your shower. But did you know that there’s an easier way to clean off those awkward nooks and crannies?

You can clean off your showerhead with barely any effort at all, and all it takes is a Ziploc bag.

First, mix together equal parts of water and vinegar, and pour it into your Ziploc bag. Then take your bag of water and vinegar solution and tie it around your shower head.

You can use something like a hair tie or a rubber band to keep your plastic bag in place.

All there is left to do is leave the solution to sit for anywhere between 15 to 20 minutes. After that, take the bag off, and rinse off the showerhead.

This is a great shortcut if you’re busy and don’t have the time to stand in the shower and scrub. That way, your showerhead gets clean, and you get to take care of other things. Easy peasy!

Organize board games

Have you ever opened up a board game only to have paper money, cards, and little plastic pieces fly everywhere? Not to mention the mess that stays inside of the box.

Instead of taking 15 minutes to sort everything out so you can play a board game, you can keep everything in its own little corner with the help of Ziploc bags.

Just keep a few for every box — keep your Monopoly money in place, all your dice in one bag, and your Clue cards from shuffling themselves.

It’s a great way to get game night back on track. Just remember to put everything back where you got it at the end of the evening.

Crush ice for cocktails

If you like cocktails, but you’re often without crushed ice, there’s no need to despair. You can crush up ice in Ziploc bags.

It’s so easy to do, too. All you have to do is take a Ziploc bag, fill it up with ice, seal it, and then set it on your counter. Then take a rolling pin and hit the bag of ice until it’s all crushed to your liking.

It’s easy and convenient, especially if your fridge doesn’t have the ability to make pre-crushed ice.

Fun Facts and Common Questions

You have some handy tips by your side now, but we’re not stopping there.

We have some fun facts and even some answers to some pretty common questions about Ziploc bags.

We’ll start with one of the most common questions asked by concerned parents. Which is what Ziploc bags are made of exactly.

What are Ziploc bags made of?

You might wonder what you’re putting your food in and whether or not it could be harmful.

Ziploc bags, both regular Ziploc storage and freezer bags, are made out of polyethylene plastic.

Polyethylene is the most commonly used modern plastic, with well over 100 million tons produced every year. It’s used in all sorts of plastic bags, bottles, plastic film, and geomembranes.

Because it’s so common, you won’t have to worry about health risks. The greater risks lie in the environment. It is not readily biodegradable, and will not easily degrade in landfills.

Who invented Ziploc bags?

You might be wondering who came up with the idea in the first place.

Borge Madsen created the original Ziploc bags back in the early 1950s and quickly sold them to the Austin brothers, Max and Edgar because he didn’t know what to do with them.

How to recycle Ziploc bags

Because Polyethylene plastic is terrible for the environment, it’s important to keep it out of landfills, and in turn, the ocean.

When you’re finished with your Ziploc bags, you can recycle them along with other plastic bags. That includes plastic shopping bags, produce bags, and dry-cleaning bags.

There are multiple search tools online to find the nearest recycling center, and it’s easy to do your part to keep the Earth clean.

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Alternatives to Ziploc Bags

Not too crazy about using Ziploc bags? If you’re considering switching, know that there are many great options out there to help you stay green. Oh, and it’s cheaper, too.

Even if you do decide to stick with plastic bags, don’t feel bad. There is no such thing as a zero-waste household.

Let’s get right into the best alternatives, just in case you do plan on ditching plastic.

Reusable silicone bags

Our first alternative is a pretty common replacement. Silicone sandwich bags are relatively new but still very handy.

They’re reusable, cheap in the long run, easy to clean, and free of BPA and Phthalates. They’re perfect for packing away lunches and snacks for big days.

You can get them in tons of fun colors, and many of them are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. Some of them can even withstand oven temperatures of up to 400 degrees.

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Beeswax sandwich bags

These sandwich bags are absolutely amazing when it comes to how much use you get out of them. They can self-seal just like Saran wrap while remaining breathable to keep your food fresh.

They’re also reusable for up to a year. Just wash them off between uses with cold water and dish soap, and leave them to dry.

And once that year of use is up, they can be thrown into your compost bin because they’re biodegradable.

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Plant-based food wraps

If you want to avoid using bags altogether, you could switch over to plant-based food wraps.

They’re very similar to beeswax paper in terms of production, with some differences made to accommodate vegan standards. They are typically made with oils, plant waxes, and resins.

These plant wraps are hand washable and moldable to fit foods of all shapes and sizes, with about a year’s worth of use to come.

Once that time comes and the paper because extremely creased, and the wax begins to come off, you can compost them in your garden or composter because of their biodegradability.

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Airtight stainless steel

If you’re looking to store things away in your freezer, we know the other alternatives just won’t do — aside from the silicone bags of course.

One of the best plastic alternatives for your freezer is airtight stainless steel containers.

Stackable stainless steel containers have silicone inserts that create an airtight seal that will keep your food fresh and frozen.

Keep in mind that these are not microwave-safe, but you can reheat the food right on your stovetop.

Overall, they’re wonderful quality, and you’ll get a lifetime of use out of them.

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Pyrex glass freezer containers

Chances are you have something from Pyrex in your kitchen already, but did you know that they make glass containers specifically for freezer use?

They do, and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so that you can store almost any type of food in almost any type of freezer.

And the best part is that you can take baked food from the oven to the freezer and then heat it up again, all in the same dish! Just make sure your dishes are completely cool before they go in the freezer.

And before you reheat any frozen dishes, allow them time to thaw.

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Ziploc and Load

Now you have all of the best ways to use Ziploc bags that go beyond packing lunch.

From having fun and getting creative to a hand at happy hour, these Ziploc tips are sure to stick with you.

We hope your projects turn out well, and you continue to find creative ways to use your Ziploc bags.

Do you have any creative ways to use Ziploc bags? Have you tried any of these tips? Leave us a comment below and let us know — we’re always looking forward to hearing from you.


Mady Oswald is an author and freelance writer in both realism and fiction, with a love for baking and animals.

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