If you’re in the market for a new freezer, have you considered trying a True freezer?

The True brand has been a steadfast source of commercial freezers since 1945 when the company started as a small St. Louis refrigeration company. Today, True Manufacturing has grown into one of the top sources of freezers for commercial and scientific uses. However, many people don’t realize that True also makes some excellent freezers for home use.

The True freezer brand is one of the best choices if you want an environmentally responsible, sustainable freezer in your home or business. Wondering what makes True freezers different, and which models are best for your needs? Read on before choosing a new True freezer this year!

The True Freezer Company

The True manufacturing company story is the quintessentially American tale of a small family company that made it big. At first, the family-owned refrigeration business produced their freezers and coolers in the family garage. By the late 1940s, though, they needed to lease a downtown warehouse to meet the growing demand.

The concept behind True freezers was to market electric refrigeration to restaurants and businesses. Electric fridges and freezers were brand-new home gadgets, but the founders saw the potential in selling the technology to companies as well. The business might have taken off more slowly had it not been for the post-WWII spike in meat prices. The government announced meat price controls, and angry meat producers decided to take their products off the market altogether.

Faced with a sudden shortage of this American dietary staple, people started buying True freezers, ordering more than the company’s production methods could keep up with. Since the freezers worked without a pricey block of ice, they were highly desirable to both families and businesses. Eventually, large soda companies like 7UP took notice and started ordering the brand’s bottle coolers. These sales helped the company gain recognition around the country.

The innovative brand created refrigeration units that we all recognize today, such as the vertical fridge with a glass door that makes choosing your soda at a restaurant easy. But perhaps most important to some modern buyers, True’s innovative focus eventually turned to save the environment.

Why Choose a True Freezer?

True freezers have always been made in the U.S., which is a valuable factor for people concerned about ethical production methods. However, buying a freezer made in the U.S. also means cutting back on environmental impact. Since the products don’t need to get shipped as far, there’s not as much fossil fuel pollution generated by the shipping process.

In recent decades, the brand has made bigger pushes for sustainability than many of its competitors. Lots of its manufacturing buildings are fitted with solar panels to reduce energy use. True Manufacturing also often uses recycled materials to build its products.

Their designs are meant to reduce environmental impact. In addition to being energy-efficient, True freezers use a purified propane refrigerant called R290. This natural refrigerant is nontoxic, doesn’t harm the ozone layer, and has low GWP (global warming potential).

High energy efficiency means spending less on your power bills while reducing harm to the environment. Consumers also love True products for their extensive warranty: parts and labor are under warranty for one year, while the compressor and condensing unit stay under warranty for four more years. It’s also really easy to get replacement parts for these freezers.

Choosing the Best Commercial Freezer

To help you know which True freezer model might be right for you, let’s take a look at how to choose the best freezer for your needs.

If you’re in the market for a commercial freezer, you’ll first need to consider the type of freezer you need. Check out your space and think about what will fit best. Will a horizontal or vertical style be easier to access? What kinds of things will you be storing, and in what quantities? Of course, you’ll also need to measure the space to see what will fit. Don’t forget to make sure the freezer size you select will also fit through the doors of the kitchen.

Finally, it’s good to think about the location of the freezer’s condenser, too. The condensing unit is ultimately what’s responsible for keeping food frozen. You can find both top-mount and bottom-mount configurations in commercial freezers.

Bottom-mount condensers are generally easier to clean and maintain, and they work better in hot areas. However, top-mount condensers don’t get dirty as quickly. The right configuration for you depends on the specifics of your business needs.

Choosing the Best Home Freezer

When deciding on a freezer for home use, the factors you’ll consider will be a little different. However, you will still need to measure your space and think about the kind of freezer that will suit it best. An upright, chest, or under-counter model might work better depending on your home’s design and your family’s needs.

You should also consider the pros and cons of self- versus manual-defrost models. Manual defrost models save you time, but may not work as well as self-defrost models, since they don’t keep food at the same consistent temperature all the time.

You can also consider the other freezer features you’d like to have, such as automatic lights, safety locks, high-temp alarms, shelf design, and controls. Finally, both commercial and home freezer buyers will want to check for a good warranty and energy efficiency. These features will help save you money over time, as well as reducing environmental impact.

The Best True Freezer to Own Now

With that in mind, what’s the best True freezer to buy for your commercial or home needs? Let’s take a look at some of the top models right now.

How we reviewed

True freezers have a reputation for quality. Still, we weighed factors like consumer reviews, product design, and available features to give you the cream of the True freezer crop. The freezers that made this list offer the best of True’s innovation.

Best two-door traditional reach-in: T-49

If you need a reach-in freezer for commercial or scientific purposes, True’s classic reach-in T-49 model is a great choice.

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With six shelves and two doors, your items will always be easy to access, and there’s plenty of storage room. The bottom-mount condenser frees up space at the top of the unit, and the stainless steel exterior and PVC-coated shelves will hold up well to years of heavy-duty use.

Best one-door traditional reach-in: T-19F

For narrower spaces, this one-door model offers the same great efficiency and quality as larger True freezers. The self-closing door prevents food loss due to forgetfulness, and the large evaporator coil and condenser maintains the low temperatures you need.

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It also includes features like door locks, interior lights, and adjustable vinyl-coated wire shelves.

Best extra-cold reach-in: T-23F

This narrow reach-in single-door design is ideal for cold food storage in tight spaces. Like the T-49, it has a bottom-mount condenser. However, the best feature of the T-23F is its extra-cold storage capabilities.

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This model has extra horsepower and an extra-large evaporator coil, plus a bigger condenser. This allows it to keep food chilled to -10 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for those restaurant items that need to be well below freezing for optimal storage.

Best commercial under-counter: TUC-24F-HC

For a basic, effective under-counter freezer model, the TUC-24F-HC is a great choice. The single front door makes it easy to access the two shelves inside. This freezer is ideal for keeping small amounts of frozen items in close reach at your bar or counter. It also works well if you have a small space in your commercial kitchen where you could use just a little more freezer storage.

Best home under-counter freezer: 24-inch under-counter

Under-counter freezers aren’t just for commercial use. You can make your home kitchen space even more convenient and flexible by installing an under-counter freezer to keep the things you need close at hand. This under-counter model is also rated for outdoor use, making it the perfect addition to a patio.

You can choose from a variety of finishes to match your decor, including stainless steel and wood. You can even change the lighting inside to one of 14 different colors just by pressing a button.

Best home ice maker: 15-inch clear ice machine

Although it’s not a traditional freezer, a home ice machine is a great addition to any kitchen that has space for it. And with a 15-inch door, you don’t need much space to install this one.

True’s ice machine fits under your counter, putting fresh ice within arm’s reach. You can also choose a wooden or stainless finish. The three-year warranty makes it easy to keep this ice machine working well for years to come.

True Freezer: The Verdict

Which True freezer is best for you? This is one case where it’s almost impossible to pick a winner.

The brand offers so much variety that the best model truly depends on your needs. A full-size commercial kitchen will use very different True products than a cozy home kitchen. But no matter what, the brand’s long legacy of success speaks for itself: True products are a great investment.

True is a shortened version of “Trulaske,” the name of the family that founded the company. The Trulaske family still owns and operates the brand to this day, with the same American-made quality that has kept True freezers ethical and sustainable for over 70 years. No matter which freezer style you need, you can buy it with confidence, knowing that you’ve made a great choice for the environment and for your kitchen.

Which True freezer model sounds best for you? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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