You get what you pay for. There’s a lot of truth to this age-old adage, and it’s definitely true when it comes to wine coolers. If you want to load the fridge at your frat house with Two Buck Chuck, this isn’t going to be the review article for you. But if you’re looking to pick up a wine cooler that will impress even the most pretentious sommeliers, you’ve come to the right spot.

I’ve reviewed dozens (hundreds?) of wine coolers, and tabulated the best here.

The review process of each luxury wine cooler covered multiple factors:

  • Capacity
  • Appearance
  • Noise level
  • Interior lighting
  • Single zone vs Dual zone
  • Durability

Notice what’s not on the list: price. If you have to ask, you can’t afford it. Click on the link to find out.

1. Vinotemp EL-BWC101-01

If you want the easy button, here it is: Vinotemp EL-BWC101-01.

How did this Vinotemp product end up at the top of the list? Numerous reasons.

In my opinion, it has the overall best look of any wine cooler on the market today. The matte black finish, combined with the large French glass doors give it a sleek appearance that can complement almost any kitchen or bar. Furthermore, it has a blue backlight that gives it a futuristic glow and nicely accents the drinks.

Another useful aspect is the fact that it has separate left and right zones. Cheaper options often only have a single compartment that leaves you with only one temperature options. Higher end products like this Vinotemp will let you keep beer and wine, cans and bottles, etc…. at slightly different temperatures to suit your taste.

The interior shelves can also be adjusted to fit various drink sizes.

The controls are just above the doors on each side, making them easy to access. The temperature displays are easy to read and don’t leave you guessing like can happen with freezers that have arbitrary settings that simply allow you to choose from 5 levels.

For some reason the Amazon listing for the Vinotemp has no reviews, but rest assured that this is a very popular product that will live up to its expectations. You won’t be disappointed.

2. Phiestina PH-46BD5L

Another great option, this wine cooler from Phiestina feature top/bottom dual zones.

While the Vinotemp had side-by-side dual zones, this wine cooler has top/bottom dual zones. Honestly, it’s mostly a matter of opinion between the two options. This option from Phiestina is preferable for people who may not want equal ratios between their two zones.

This also may be better for those who are planning to use is exclusively for wine. Notice how the racks only allow for wine bottles to be laid on their side. It’s possible to remove the racks and stack cans upright, but the wires that compose the rack have pretty large spacing and any cans set upright will probably fall to one side or the other.

Another key feature is that this wine cooler is extremely quiet. Any appliance that cools is going to create a slight hum, but this is one of the softest out there.

3. Staigis ST-15030

This option from Staigis is extremely popular and has one of the highest Amazon ratings of any wine cooler.

It holds up to 30 bottles, although note that the bottom rack is larger and requires bottle to be stacked directly on top of one another.

It has the standard single zone cooling, which will meet the needs of 98% of people who are in the market for a wine cooler.

One of the things we particularly like about this wine cooler is the locking mechanism at the very bottom (the small metallic circle seen just under the Staigis logo). This is perfect for making sure that the contents are protected even when curious toddlers are visiting or if you have an above-average intelligence dog that figures out how to open doors.

4. EdgeStar CWR70SZ

The EdgeStar option stands out due to it’s tall and slender construction.

The benefits here are obvious. If you only have a small amount of open floor space (6 inches to be exact), this is the wine cooler for you. Alternatively, some people who prefer a minimalist approach value the small footprint and the ability to cool only a handful of wine bottles at a time.

The smaller size only allows for one zone temperature control. But its all you need with a unit this size.

The stainless steel construction also might match modern kitchen appliances better than matte black that may be the only option from other manufacturers.

What can we say, tall and slender is…. sexy.

5. Zephyr BWN24C02AG

Zephyr makes an excellent line of wine coolers under the model name Brisas.

The Brisas line includes wine coolers, beverage coolers, and several options that combine the two into one single unit.

This particular model will hold up to 46 bottles (assuming a standard 750mL bottle).

It has dual zones and digital temperature readouts, as is standard in this price range. Also like many others in this class, it has blue back lights for attractive displays.

It comes only in stainless steel, so if you want a black wine cooler you’ll have to look elsewhere.


Pretty much every wine cooler in the luxury price range is going to work well. There are no lemons or duds at these prices.

The most important thing is choosing what features matter most to you.