Have you ever wished you had a small upright freezer under your desk at work to store your lunch, so you didn’t have to put it in the break room? Have a big get together coming up and need more space to store the food that you’re making ahead? Do you just plain need more freezer space, without having much room for more equipment?

If you’ve ever had a roommate eat the ice cream that you’ve been craving for days, you know what it feels like to need cold storage of your own. A small upright freezer could be the perfect solution to these problems.

Buying a small upright freezer eliminates the frustrations of putting your food next to your co-workers smelly fish leftovers. It also eliminates having your food eaten by someone else when you want it the most. A small upright freezer also allows you to store more food whenever you have parties at your home.

The Benefits of Owning a Small Upright Freezer

A small upright freezer is just a freezer on a smaller scale. There are a lot of benefits to owning a small upright freezer. This type of freezer can help you store pre-made meals at work or in case you don’t have time to cook a meal from scratch at home.

If you buy a small upright freezer for your home, it not only gives you more space to store your food for your parties, it also gives you the personal space you desire to store your favorite ice cream treats. If you buy a small upright freezer for your off-campus apartment, you can keep your food from getting into the wrong hands at school.

For a more specialized need, new mothers that are pumping breast milk can freeze the extra baby fuel and store it. Even a moderate amount of breast milk can quickly fill a regular freezer. This is where a small upright freezer can come in handy.

How We Reviewed Each Small Upright Freezer

We reviewed each small upright freezer by looking at each freezer’s space. We also looked at each small freezer’s features.

List of small upright freezers

There is a wide variety of small upright freezers available on the market today. Below is a list of some of the top-rated products we found. With this list, you can narrow down your search for the right one for your home, office, or, your dorm room.

Magic Chef upright freezer

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The Magic Chef upright freezer comes in multiple sizes including 2.4, 3.0, 3.2, and 3.5 cubic feet. This freezer offers many features and comes in stainless steel. Some of the features include a stainless-steel door, manual defrost, and wire shelves. It also has adjustable temperature control. There is a reversible door feature as well as a recessed door handle.

Customers like that it is small and compact. Others also like that it has a good amount of room in it despite its size. They also say that it is easy to clean. Some say that it runs pretty much silently.

There were some complaints, though. Some say that the freezer had significant frost build-up and the seal around the door breaks easily.

Whynter Energy Star upright freezers

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Whynter Energy Star upright freezers come with features such as a sleek stainless steel reversible-swing door and a black cabinet. They also have mechanical temperature control and a temperature range of -10 degrees to two degrees Fahrenheit. These freezers come complete with a cylinder lock and two keys. The lock can come in handy to help you keep your food secure from annoying siblings or co-workers.

They’re available in stainless steel and black as well as various sizes including 1.1, 2.1, and 3.0 cubic feet.

Some people liked that the freezer line is bigger than originally anticipated and that the freezers hold more food than they expected. Others liked that it is a perfect freezer for dorm room use. Still, other customers like the fact that the freezers are very spacious, quiet, and keep their foods well frozen.

There were some complaints, though. Some said their freezer didn’t work for more than a few months, while others say that the freezer they were using lasted only a year.

Midea Compact upright freezer

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The Midea Compact upright freezer offers features such as adjustable legs to change the height of the freezer, and an adjustable thermostat, complete with mechanical control. This small upright freezer is available in different colors including black, stainless steel, and, white. There are also reversible doors, separate wire drawers, and, a smooth cabinet finish to make it look even nicer.

Some customers like the amount of food that it holds, and the fact that it runs with very little noise. Others like that it freezes their food very quickly.

But some customers stated that they had a bad experience with customer service.

Kenmore 20202 upright freezer

The Kenmore upright freezer makes it easy to get your frozen treats ready to eat. It features five wire shelves to make organizing your products effortless. The mechanical temperature controls allow for easy adjustment to just the right temperature whenever you need it. It gives you quick and easy climate control with just a click of a knob. This freezer is 5.8 cubic feet.

There is also a reversible door that opens from left to right, or left to right, for whichever way is easiest for you. There is a one-year parts and labor warranty if your freezer breaks.

Some users say they love this freezer and that it runs quietly. Others say that it is just the right size.

Thomson upright freezer

The Thomson upright freezer comes with features such as five wire shelves and adjustable temperature control with three control settings. This freezer also comes with adjustable legs so you can fit it more to your height if needed. It is a good size freezer for garages and basements.

Some customers love that it has adjustable legs and that it is the perfect size for their family. Others love that the freezer stays cold and that there is no frost build up in this freezer.

There were some complaints, though. Some customers gave it a lower rating for various reasons. Some said they bought this freezer and it never got cold..

The Cold, Hard Facts

All of the small upright freezers on the list are great. It all depends on what brand of small upright freezer you are looking for and where you buy it from. Whether you buy one online or in a store (after all the complaints about damage while being shipped, try to get it in a store if possible), getting a small upright freezer can help you in many ways.

Do you have a small upright freezer that you are interested in? Let us know in the comments below.

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