Staying close to home this holiday season doesn’t mean you can forget about creative gift ideas. Many people are already planning their own Zoom White Elephant parties, and novelty ice cube trays are a great, easy-to-ship gift for every demographic.

And if you think “novelty” in this context means shapes that will make your friends and family blush, think again.

There are tons of fun and unique ice-related gifts out there that we promise everyone will love (and that are appropriate for your boss or grandma).

18 Fun Ice Cube Trays, Molds, and Other Gifts for “Chilling” at Home

From unicorns to Star Trek and everything in-between, here are our favorite ice cube trays, molds, whiskey stones, and other gifts for the upcoming holiday season:

1. Glacio Clear Sphere Ice Duo

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Even if just unwinding after a long day, you deserve to enjoy your favorite liquor in style. Ice spheres have been a big hit in craft bars for years, and now you can make your own at home.

The No products found. Clear Sphere Ice Duo is a self-contained ice mold that makes two spheres at a time. We like this version over all-silicone ones because there’s less fuss and fewer chances to spill water in your freezer.

While these ice spheres are intended for enjoyment alongside your favorite whiskey or cocktail, there’s no reason to save them for special occasions. From iced tea to plain old water, fancify your life with some round ice cubes.

2. TrueZoo Iced Out Diamond Ice Cube Tray

True Zoo Diamond Silicone Mold and Ice Cube Tray Candy Soap, Toy, DIY,...

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If spherical ice isn’t fancy enough for you, try branching into silicone ice trays. The TrueZoo Iced Out Diamond Ice Cube Tray makes six jewelry-quality ice cubes.

These ice diamonds do the same job as a sphere or whiskey stone — they keep your beverage chilled without dilution. The flexible tray lets you make extra-large ice cubes without taking up too much space, even in a small freezer.

Use these cubes in cocktails, hard liquors, or as an extra treat in a glass of juice, tea, or water. Kids will get a big kick out of them, too.

3. Brotec Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Whiskey Stones Gift Set - 6 Granite Round Beverage Chilling Drinking...

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For those with a more refined taste, skip the ice cube trays and go straight for tried-and-true whiskey stones. The Brotec Whiskey Stones Gift Set is perfect for any whiskey, bourbon, or scotch lover.

Each gift set includes six granite stones. Unlike some other whiskey stones, these are small enough to fit into any glass. If you need extra chilling power, just add an extra stone to your drink.

The stones come with a wood display stand, two coasters, and a nice box to present them in.

4. TrueZoo Snowflake Silicone Ice Cube Tray

Snowflake Silicone Ice Cube Tray and Mold- Candy, Soap, Toy, DIY by...

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What better way to ring in the winter months than with snowflake-shaped ice? The TrueZoo Snowflake Silicone Ice Cube Tray lets you do just that.

With this tray, you can make 12 snowflake cubes at a time. Real snowflakes might all be unique, but these molds come in pairs (that still leaves you with six unique shapes, though!).

This silicone tray is oven- and dishwasher-safe, making it a super-versatile addition to any kitchen. And at less than six inches wide, it won’t hog freezer space.

5. Barbuzzo Ice Luge Double Track

Reusable Ice Luge (Double Track) - Just Add Water, Freeze and Enjoy...

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There are other fun ways to chill your drinks than with shaped ice cubes or whiskey stones. One of our favorite gift ideas this season is the Barbuzzo Ice Luge Double Track.

If you’ve ever visited a bar with an ice luge, you’re familiar with the concept. Just pour your drink at the top of the luge and let it flow down to the shot glass below. It will be perfectly chilled when it reaches the bottom.

This luge mold features two tracks, perfect if you want to pour multiple beverages at once. It does take about 24 hours to freeze, though, so be sure to plan ahead!

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6. What On Earth Unicorn Ice Cube Tray

WHAT ON EARTH - Unicorn Ice Cube Tray - Soft Silicone - 9.25' x 8.25'

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Know someone, young or old, who just can’t get enough unicorns? Or maybe you’re looking for the perfect joke gift for an overly macho group of guys?

The What On Earth Unicorn Ice Cube Tray is both shaped like a majestic fantasy creature and makes eight unicorn-shaped ice cubes.

This mold is larger than most ice cube trays, measuring just over eight-by-nine inches. But since it’s silicone, it’s not too hard to store.

7. WAWLIVING Star Trek Starfleet Silicone Ice Cube Tray

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Despite first airing over 50 years ago, the Star Trek fandom is still going strong. The No products found. Star Trek Starfleet Silicone Ice Cube Tray is the perfect gift for any self-proclaimed Trekkie in your life.

This set comes with two silicone ice cube trays that make 12 ice cubes in total. The two mold styles feature the original Starfleet insignia and the Combadge later unveiled in The Next Generation.

Since these trays are made of temperature-resistant silicone, you can also place them in the oven and dishwasher.

8. NIFTY5 Premium Gold Ice Cubes

Whiskey Stones Gold Edition Gift Set of 8 Stainless Steel Diamond...

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Ice cube trays and whiskey stones fall into three categories: Functional, novelty, and just really, really cool. The NIFTY5 Premium Gold Ice Cubes qualify for all three.

Despite the name, these aren’t actually ice cubes. They’re whiskey stones with a luxurious twist.

Each set comes with eight gold-finished whiskey stones (they’re actually made of food-grade stainless steel). You’ll also receive a set of tongs and a storage tray to match.

9. Tovolo Rose Ice Molds

Tovolo Rose Ice Cube Stackable with Tight Silicone Seal, Novelty Drink...

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Whether you’re trying to up the romance during a stay-at-home date night or know someone who loves gardening, the Tovolo Rose Ice Molds are certainly unique.

This set comes with two silicone molds to make extra-large, 2.5-ounce roses. The two-part design makes it easy to create highly detailed cubes with little practice.

While you can only make two cubes at a time with this set, the molds themselves are compact and nicely designed. Just stack them in a corner, and you won’t even notice the lost freezer space.

10. Paladone Nintendo Super Mario Bros Ice Cube Tray

Nintendo Super Mario Bros Reusable Silicone Ice Cube Tray for Fun...

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Nerds come in all types, and there’s a gift out there for every single one. The Paladone Nintendo Super Mario Bros Ice Cube Tray is a great gift for current gamers or anyone wanting to relive their childhood.

Each tray includes 12 molds featuring 6 iconic characters and items: Mario, Luigi, coins, mushrooms, mystery boxes, and stars.

The ice cubes from this tray measure about 1-inch tall, so these definitely aren’t meant for hard liquor or cocktails. For everyday drinks, though, they’re lots of fun.

11. TrueZoo U Ice of A Ice Blue Silicone Cube Tray

TrueZoo U Ice of A, BPA-Free Silicone Ice Cube Tray, USA Ice Mold,...

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Does anyone need ice cubes shaped like the United States? Probably not, but the TrueZoo U Ice of A Ice Blue Silicone Cube Tray still looks like loads of fun.

Despite what you might guess, this tray only makes 38 individual cubes. Smaller states (like parts of New England) are combined, and Alaska and Hawaii are sadly missing. If you live anywhere else in the contiguous states, though, you’ll find your state intact.

Give this ice cube tray as part of a gag gift exchange or to someone who loves road-tripping. We also think this would make a great gift for a geography or U.S. history teacher!

12. W&P Limited Star Wars Collection Death Star Ice Mold

W&P Limited Star Wars Collection Sphere Silicone Ice Mold, Death Star,...

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If you enjoy drinking whiskey and engaging with the Stars Wars universe, the W&P Limited Stars Wars Collection Death Star Ice Mold is a must-have.

This mold makes a single spherical ice cube measuring 2.25 inches across. While it functions just like any other sphere cube, this one has details of the Imperial Death Star.

This isn’t the only Stars Wars ice mold available. You can also get a Darth Vader version.

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13. Stritra 3D Skull Ice Mold

Stritra - 3D Skull Ice Mold (Pack of 2) Easy Release Silicone Mold,8...

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What’s the best way to enjoy some Crystal Head Vodka on the rocks? With skull-shaped ice cubes.

There are tons of skull ice cube trays on the market, but the Stritra 3D Skull Ice Mold is our personal top pick. It makes four skulls measuring about 1.75 inches tall apiece.

Of course, you can serve these ice cubes with any drink you like. They’d be the perfect addition to a future pirate-themed or Halloween party.

14. Viski Lewis Ice Bag and Mallet

Viski Lewis Bag and Mallet Ice Tools

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Shopping for an amateur bartender can be a challenge. The Viski Lewis Ice Bag and Mallet is an excellent gift set for anyone who enjoys trying out new cocktail concoctions at home.

Whiskey stones have their place, but there are plenty of cocktails that benefit from crushed ice. This set has everything you need to make quick and easy crushed ice for daiquiris or Moscow mules.

The canvas bag prevents the type of slushy mess created by crushing ice in ziplock bags. It absorbs extra water as you go to maintain perfectly frozen ice.

15. WMA Gin & Titanic Ice Tray

WMA Gin And Titanic Ice Tray Ice Cube Tray Ice Mold Ice Maker

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Next on our list of awesome ice cube trays is another novelty set — complete with a punny name. The WMA Gin & Titanic Ice Tray lets you turn any drink into an ocean drama.

This silicone tray creates cubes shaped like ocean liners and icebergs. There are four of each mold for eight ice cubes total.

The Titanic-themed ice won’t be life-size, though. You’re better off using these cubes in regular drinks than in cocktails like a gin and tonic.

16. Fred & Friends Cat Ice Mold

Genuine Fred Cat Ice Mold, Standard, Grey

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We all know at least one cat lady (or dude). If you don’t, that person is most likely you. Either way, the Fred & Friends Cat Ice Mold is sure to make the cat lover in your life happy.

This food-grade silicone mold creates a large ice sphere shaped like an adorable cat head. You can easily use this to substitute for a whiskey stone or as a cute addition to your everyday beverages.

Because of the detail on this mold, it can be a bit tricky to remove the ice. Once you get the hang of it, though, you’ll never want to use regular ice cube trays again.

17. Fred Cool Jazz Ice Stirrers

Genuine Fred COOL JAZZ Guitar Ice Tray and Stirrers

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Fill the void left by canceled concerts and delayed album releases with a gift like the Fred Cool Jazz Ice Stirrers.

On top of being an ice tray, this silicone mold comes with built-in drink stirrers. After your guitars are completely frozen, just grab onto the plastic neck to stir your favorite cocktail. Even after the ice melts, the stir stick will remain.

Each tray makes three ice cubes with attached stirrers at a time. Just make sure to save the stir sticks for next time!

18. Sparq Home Whiskey Rocks Hockey Puck Chillers

Whiskey Stones Hockey Pucks Chiller Set of 3 - Whiskey Chilling Stones...

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Professional sports might look a little different recently, but nothing’s stopping you from celebrating your favorite pastime in other ways. The Sparq Living Whiskey Rocks Hockey Pucks Chiller set is great for you or any other hockey fan on your gift list.

This unique set comes with three pucks etched with hockey sticks. They’re dishwasher-safe but usually need little more than a quick rinse for clean up.

Thanks to the soapstone material, the pucks won’t absorb unwanted flavors or odors. The puck-inspired shape isn’t as slick as traditional whiskey stones, including not fitting some glasses. But we still love this sports-centric take on beverage chillers.

Break the Ice with the Perfect Holiday Gift

Whether you’re looking for a stocking stuffer or a gag gift that the recipient can actually use, ice cube trays and whiskey stones offer endless possibilities. After all, everyone can use a fun way to keep their favorite drinks cold.

What creative gift exchanges are you participating in this year? Share your ideas (and favorite gifts!) in the comments below.

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