The tiny freezers on refrigerator-freezers never hold enough food, especially if you prepare meals ahead of time or have a large family to feed. Chest freezers can help, but you have to bend over and dig to find what you need. If you’re sick of stuffing the freezer on your refrigerator-freezer, or bending over and digging through your chest freezer, then consider buying a Frigidaire FFFU21M1QW upright freezer.

This freezer will fit in your basement, garage, or kitchen, and will keep your food fresh and frozen for as long as you need. No more stuffing food into a tiny freezer like you’re stuffing all those t-shirts you have into one drawer. No more bending over to dig like you’re looking for dinosaur fossils. Frigidaire’s FFFU21M1QW will meet your freezer storage needs nicely.

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What Is a Frigidaire FFFU21M1QW?

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Frigidaire’s FFFU21M1QW is a large, freestanding upright freezer. Its full size is 20.9 cubic feet, but as an upright freezer, it doesn’t have quite that much storage space like a chest freezer of the same size. However, since it stands upright, it takes up less floor space than a chest freezer.

Features and specifications

The FFFU21M1QW comes with a manual, adjustable temperature control inside, and a lock with a pop-out key. It is a manual defrost freezer. Therefore, it comes with a water drain, so the melted frost has somewhere to go. It also features a power-on indicator light near the bottom, so you know whether your freezer is on.

You have four fixed wire shelves to help you organize your food, along with six full-width door racks. Unlike Frigidaire’s fancier freezers, this one does not come with removable baskets or a pizza rack. It also comes with incandescent lighting instead of LED lighting and requires a 25-watt bulb.

Its total capacity is 20.9 cubic feet, with 13.1 square feet of shelf space. It does come with Frigidaire’s ArcticLock walls, though, which can keep your food cold for up to two days without power.


Every Frigidaire product comes with Electrolux’s standard, limited warranty. It covers repairs for any problem that arises within one year of your purchase. They also guarantee a replacement product if their techs decide replacement is the best course of action.

Electrolux also offers an extended service agreement on all their appliances. This agreement can give you up to three full years of coverage for repairs or replacements. You have access to their factory-trained technicians, who will come to your house to evaluate and repair your freezer at no additional charge.

You also get high-quality replacement parts, rather than after-market or cheap parts for the duration of your agreement. Finally, if you’re unhappy with your service agreement, you can cancel it and receive a refund of the unused portion.

How Do Customers Feel About Frigidaire’s FFFU21M1QW?

Despite being a very basic freezer, customers seem to like it. They say it’s good at maintaining a consistent temperature, which extends their food’s shelf life. Some even like the fact that it doesn’t have an automatic defrost cycle because it means their food stays consistently frozen and thus, fresher for longer. Others like its energy efficiency.

Customers also like its capacity, with some finding themselves astonished at just how much room there is inside. Those who have problems bending over and digging appreciate this freezer’s organization system. They no longer have to stay bent over, sifting and digging through their food to find what they need.

However, several customers complain about its durability. After just one or two years, their freezers broke down, and they lost hundreds of dollars worth of food. Others complain about the frost build-up, with one customer saying there was too much frost after just one month. A few have difficulty opening the door without moving the entire freezer. There are also a few who say the door doesn’t seal properly and they’re getting frost on the outside of the freezer.

How We Reviewed

We went to Frigidaire’s own website for information about the FFFU21M1QW, and for customer reviews. We also gathered information from Home Depot, Sears, and Amazon, as well as those of other manufacturers, and went through their customer reviews to gain a solid understanding of how customers feel about this freezer. The information on Frigidaire’s warranty comes from Electrolux’s website since Electrolux is Frigidaire’s parent company.

How Does Frigidaire’s FFFU21M1QW Compare to the Competitors?

We all know there are more freezers out there than Frigidaire freezers. How does the FFFU21M1QW compare to other popular freezers?


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General Electric is known for quality appliances at affordable prices. They offer an upright freezer that, at 21.3 cubic feet, is slightly larger than Frigidaire’s FFFU21M1QW. Unlike Frigidaire, they specifically advertise their freezer as “garage-ready,” meaning they designed it with high temperatures like those you might find in your garage in the summer in mind. It also comes with a digital temperature display, while Frigidaire’s freezer has a mechanical temperature dial. GE’s freezer is Energy Star-rated, so you know you’ll save money on your electric bill even though this freezer is huge. You don’t have to worry about manually defrosting this freezer as you do with a Frigidaire but keep in mind that food doesn’t stay as fresh in a frost-free freezer as it does in a manual defrost freezer. The freeze-thaw cycle that keeps frost from building up means your food doesn’t stay at a single, consistent temperature.

GE’s freezer might look superior to Frigidaire’s, but despite its overall size, it only has 11.5 square feet of shelf space. Only two of their four shelves are adjustable, although Frigidaire’s model doesn’t offer any adjustable shelving.

Customers like this freezer’s interior, the lighting, and the fact that works well in garage temperatures. They also like the fact that it’s frost-free because frequently having to defrost a freezer manually is a pain, and most haven’t noticed a significant decline in the freshness of their food. The primary complaint about this freezer deals mostly with whether or not it works on delivery and install. Some complain that the shelves are flimsy and don’t hold as much food as they’d like.


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You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who has never heard of Kenmore appliances. They’re known for having a variety of household appliances for the kitchen and laundry room. Kenmore offers a 20.9 cubic foot freezer, which is the same size as Frigidaire’s FFFU21M1QW, and bills it as “perfect for people who hate grocery shopping.” It’s more basic than GE’s freezer — but comparable to Frigidaire’s. It features four fixed wire shelves and six door bins, but unlike Frigidaire’s freezer, it also comes with two wire baskets. This freezer, like Frigidaire’s, is a manual defrost freezer but it doesn’t have a defrost water drain. You’ll have to find your own way to handle all the water that comes from defrosting it, or you’ll have to defrost it frequently to avoid having to clean up a ton of water each time.

Customers like the space and organization system in this freezer, but they have mixed feelings about the manual defrost. Some like it because their food stays fresh, while others say it frosts up too quickly. They like the fact that it’s quiet and will fit where they need it, even inside a pantry. Their chief complaint is that the door is sometimes too hard to open, which is a common complaint about upright freezers.


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Whirlpool has made a name for itself in kitchen appliances over the years. Their 20 cubic foot freezer is slightly smaller than Frigidaire’s FFFU21M1QW, but it has more bells and whistles. It’s frost-free, comes with a temperature alarm, and has an electronic temperature control. It also has a fast-freeze option so you can freeze large amounts of food quickly, like deer meat from a hunt. Finally, it comes with a door-ajar alarm, so you know if the door is open when it shouldn’t be. Like Frigidaire’s freezer, it comes with four shelves and six door bins, but it has a basket in the bottom, and the Frigidaire does not. Also, the shelves are adjustable, and it has LED lighting, unlike Frigidaire’s more basic model.

Is it really a bargain compared to Frigidaire, though? Customers seem to feel that the shelving is more durable than that of other brands. It’s also quiet and spacious, and people like having the ability to customize the organization system. As far as overall quality goes, though, several customers complain that it repeatedly quits working, even after repairs. One even says that this freezer doesn’t turn back on after a power failure, which is a significant problem.


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Maytag’s appliances are a major staple in kitchens across America. Their 20 cubic foot freezer is smaller than Frigidaire’s FFFU21M1QW, but, like Whirlpool, it has several features that Frigidaire’s freezer does not. It’s frost-free, has LED lighting, and has a fast-freeze option like that of Whirlpool. It has four shelves and a basket on the bottom, and six full-width door bins. Unlike Frigidaire, their shelves are adjustable so that you can customize your storage space better. It does not have a high-temperature or door-ajar alarm, but it is frost-free. It also has a reversible door, which gives you flexibility in where to install it. Frigidaire’s freezer doesn’t have that option.

Maytag offers a 10-year limited parts warranty on the compressor. That’s a more extended warranty than anybody else currently offers, even though it’s just for the compressor. Even Frigidaire’s extended service agreement doesn’t last nearly this long.

Customers who bought this freezer like the fact that it’s big, but not too heavy to move if they have to. They also like the ability to customize their storage space and feel that they’re getting great value for their money. However, it seems prone to early wear and tear. Some customers say that multiple parts failed on their freezers within just a few months of purchase. Others complain that it doesn’t work at all, or that it only worked for a few weeks, and had trouble getting technicians to come out and take a look.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Frigidaire FFFU21M1QW

Now that you have a ton of information to process, what are the pros and cons of owning a Frigidaire FFFU21M1QW?


  • Spacious interior
  • Easy organization system
  • Manual defrost ensures your food stays fresher for longer
  • No need to unplug it to defrost it
  • Much smaller footprint than a chest freezer
  • Lock with pop-out key means you can keep your kids out of it
  • ArcticLock walls mean your food stays good for up to two days after a power failure
  • More energy efficient than old freezers, even without an Energy Star rating
  • Good price for its size


  • There are only 13.1 square feet of shelf space
  • The stationary shelves can’t be adjusted
  • There’s no “soft-freeze” zone, so if you keep things like ice cream inside, it will freeze solid
  • There are no high-temperature or door-ajar alarms
  • Manual temperature control makes it more difficult to set a precise temperature
  • Manual defrost means more labor
  • Incandescent lights use more energy, and you have to find a bulb that will work

Bottom Line on Frigidaire’s FFFU21M1QW

This is a quality, yet basic, freezer. It’s definitely not perfect, and you will need to be certain you have the space to install it. However, if you’re looking for a fairly simple, standalone freezer that doesn’t take up a ton of space, the Frigidaire FFFU21M1QW fits the bill. Its simple mechanics, spacious interior, and organization system can help you solve whatever freezer problems you have.

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