How easy is it to fit everything you buy into your refrigerator and freezer? Not only is it difficult to do, but you lose food in the far parts of your fridge and you end up wasting food. Perhaps a Frigidaire FKC17F7QT or something similar can help you solve that problem.

Too often, refrigerator-freezers are too small, especially when we have families to feed. Whether they’re side-by-side units, have a tiny freezer on top of the fridge, or have a freezer drawer on the bottom, there never seems to be enough room. Many people solve that problem with a standalone, upright freezer in the garage or basement. Sometimes, though, your cold storage needs change, and you need an extra refrigerator instead of an extra freezer.

That’s where a convertible refrigerator-freezer like Frigidaire’s FKC17F7QT comes in. You can use it primarily as a freezer, but if you need extra refrigerator space for, say, an upcoming event, you can switch it over to refrigerator mode to store the extra food. Then you can switch it back afterward. It gives you the flexibility that you won’t find with traditional refrigerators and freezers.

What Is a Frigidaire FKC17F7QT?

A Frigidaire FKC17F7QT is a 17-cubic foot convertible refrigerator-freezer that allows you to switch between refrigerator mode and freezer mode, depending on your cold storage needs. Alas, Frigidaire has discontinued this particular model. However, they do manufacture a larger one at 20.5 cubic feet.


The specifications between the two models differ somewhat. You get more with the larger model. Frigidaire’s FKC17F7QT has one fixed glass shelf and two adjustable glass shelves. Their 20.5 cubic foot freezer has one fixed glass shelf and three adjustable glass shelves. This larger model also has one mid-level basket inside. Oddly enough, it has less shelf space than the 17.0 cubic foot model, at 13.1 square feet versus 17.6 square feet.

Both models come with four adjustable door bins and one full-width, fixed door bin. Finally, the larger model has a retractable pizza shelf and a Soft Freeze™ zone, so your ice cream doesn’t freeze into solid rock. The 17.0 cubic foot model has neither of these features.

You get the benefits of high-temperature, power failure, and door-ajar alarms, along with LED theater lighting so you can see all your food with ease. Like the pizza shelf and Soft Freeze™ zone, the 17.0 cubic foot model doesn’t have any of these features, either.

Each of these two models has an adjustable temperature control, but no control lock. The 20.5 cubic foot model also has electronic controls and a front digital display. That is another difference between this model and the FKC17F7QT.

When you’re using these convertible refrigerator-freezers in freezer mode, they have a temperature range of -10 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. In refrigerator mode, they sit between 33 and 43 degrees Fahrenheit. Finally, the larger model is ENERGY STAR® certified, whereas the smaller one is not.


Electrolux, Frigidaire’s parent company, offers a standard, limited warranty on all Frigidaire appliances. In addition to that, they offer a comprehensive service agreement for one, two, or three years. This agreement gives you access to their factory-trained technicians and coverage on all repairs on your appliance. They even cover full replacements if they decide it’s more practical to replace your appliance than to repair it.

You also get peace of mind when it comes to replacement parts. Electrolux doesn’t deal in aftermarket or cheap parts. Their technicians will replace a worn or broken part in your appliance with a new, high-quality, factory part. And perhaps best of all, if you’re unhappy with the extended service agreement, you can cancel it at any time and receive a refund for the unused portion.

How Do Customers Feel About Frigidaire’s 2-in-1 Convertible Freezers?

You might be thinking that a convertible refrigerator-freezer is less convenient than a combo because you can only do one type of cold storage at a time. So do people actually like this product?

Well, as it turns out, yes, people really do like this. We couldn’t find any reviews on Frigidaire’s FKC17F7QT because it’s discontinued. However, we found a lot of reviews on their larger model. Most customers bought this as an alternative to a standard refrigerator-freezer combo. They turned to this after getting frustrated with the lack of space in the tiny freezers that come with combos. Many keep them in their basements or garages, while some use them in their kitchens. Nearly everyone who has something good to say loves the space, whether they’re using it as a fridge or a freezer.

Several people also bought them as replacements for old and dying refrigerator-freezers and found that they save a lot of money on energy. However, some customers don’t like the fact that the temperature display shows the desired temperature rather than the actual temp, inside the unit. Some also find it difficult to adjust the shelves and door bins. Others complain about the noise from the compressor on startup and the noise from the ice maker.

How We Reviewed

We gathered information on features and specifications for both models from Frigidaire’s own website. For pricing information and customer reviews, we went to Lowe’s, JC Penney’s, and Amazon. We also went to Kenmore, Whynter, and Best Buy for information on Frigidaire’s competitors. Finally, we used Amazon, Best Buy, Wayfair, Home Depot, and Sears for pricing information and reviews on the competitors.

Does Frigidaire’s Convertible Freezer Stack up Well Against the Competition?

Convertible refrigerator-freezers aren’t exactly the most common of appliances. Nevertheless, Frigidaire doesn’t have a monopoly on them. Who else makes them? How does Frigidaire compare?


Kenmore’s 22052 convertible refrigerator-freezer is bigger than Frigidaire’s FKC17F7QT, and roughly the same size as their 20.5-cubic foot model. It comes with six fixed, full-width door bins and four adjustable glass shelves. It also has three storage baskets, which makes organization slightly easier than with Frigidaire’s model.

When it comes to the controls, however, it’s a bit more basic with only a mechanical temperature control and no door-ajar or high-temperature alarm. It also has no digital display and no ice maker. However, it does come with LED lighting and an Energy Star® rating, making it comparable to Frigidaire’s convertible unit.

Although the 22052 model isn’t available at this time, the Kenmore 22172 proves a suitable alternative.

Whynter UDF-139SS

No products found.

Whynter only has one convertible refrigerator-freezer that’s considerably smaller than either Kenmore’s or Frigidaire’s. Their UDF-139SS clocks in at just 13.8 cubic feet. Even so, it’s packed with features like a digital display and quick-freeze technology. Like Frigidaire’s FKC17F7QT and its larger counterpart, Whynter’s convertible freezer comes with four removable door bins. It also has four slide-out shelves and one bulk storage basket and comes with LED lighting so you can see inside without paying for the energy an incandescent bulb uses. The interior lighting is also soft, so if you choose to keep it in dark areas like your basement or garage, it’s easier on your eyes than bright lighting.

We were unable to find very many customer reviews for Whynter’s convertible freezer. However, the few reviews we did find say that the unit works well, and the quick-freeze tech truly freezes food very quickly. They like the door-ajar alarm, too, so they don’t burn out the compressor and lose their food without realizing it.

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Insignia is Best Buy’s brand, and they sell a 17-cubic foot convertible refrigerator-freezer, which is the same size as Frigidaire’s FKC17F7QT. Unlike Frigidaire, Kenmore, and Whynter, Insignia’s convertible freezer comes with Bluetooth capability. That gives you the ability to control the unit remotely from any of your mobile devices with the right app.

It also has an exterior digital display, quick-freeze technology, and LED interior lighting. In these respects, it compares well to Frigidaire and Whynter and is better than Kenmore. You get an organization system with four full-width door bins, four fixed wire shelves that slide out, and a removable basket. It also has a high-temperature alarm, but no door-ajar alarm.

Customers who buy this like the transition from a chest freezer to a full upright freezer, particularly given all the features that Insignia’s convertible freezer has. Many customers love the space inside, and the fact that it gets very cold very quickly. Even though it’s cheaper than Frigidaire’s and Kenmore’s models, people think this is a quality product, and some are considering buying a second unit.

Those that have problems with it complain about trouble connecting their mobile devices to it, with a few saying that the app doesn’t work. Given that you can use the app to monitor things like power failures, they find this very upsetting.

Pros and Cons for Frigidaire’s Convertible Freezer

Obviously, one of the major cons to Frigidaire’s FKC17F7QT is that it’s discontinued. However, since Frigidaire does have another model, we’re still able to give you its pros and cons so you can see, in a nutshell, whether it’s a good purchase.


  • Easy-to-read temperature control and display
  • Highly customizable storage system
  • Convertible design makes it versatile depending on your needs
  • ArcticLock™ walls are thicker and designed to keep your food cold for up to two days without power
  • Energy efficient and ENERGY STAR®-rated
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for basements and garages


  • It’s either a refrigerator or a freezer; you can’t have both modes at the same time
  • Sometimes difficult to switch modes
  • Door seals so tightly that you may have trouble opening it
  • Does not come with a reversible door
  • Requires three inches of space all the way around for airflow, but the brochure does not make that clear

Bottom Line on Frigidaire’s FKC17F7QT

All in all, Frigidaire’s FKC17F7QT would be a quality product if it were still for sale. Its larger counterpart, which is available, is likewise a quality product. Because of that, if you’re in the market for a new refrigerator or freezer, and would like a convertible model, we recommend Frigidaire’s larger one. Most people seem to like using this as a standalone freezer. And the fact that it’s a Frigidaire appliance means it’s made and maintained with high-quality parts. As a refrigerator, you’ll still get your money’s worth with the space inside and the organization system.

Furthermore, the fact that you can also get a comprehensive service plan for up to three years adds to the appeal of this particular appliance. Whynter, Insignia, and Kenmore offer limited warranties but don’t have the same kind of extended service agreement that Frigidaire offers. In other words, we feel that you won’t be disappointed with Frigidaire’s convertible refrigerator-freezer. You’ll get a great product that’s worth your time, space, and money.

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