Many households run into the issue of not having enough fridge/freezer space. The Frigidaire FGCH25M8LW chest freezer might be the perfect solution for your house. The massive 25 cubic foot capacity sets it apart from most chest freezers on the market today.

A chest freezer is perfect for storing items that homeowners don’t use daily or for items that spoil quickly if not frozen. If your fridge is too small to store much, a backup freezer is a significant investment. You’ve found the perfect chest freezer, right? That’d be the case if this item were still in production. The manufacturer discontinued this model several years ago.

So, where does that leave you? Well, if you’re a lucky owner of one of these chest freezers, you can still register it for a Frigidaire warranty. There are a few used freezers floating around on auction sites like eBay as well. If you own the freezer, you can also find replacement parts on plenty of websites that carry doors, freezer keys, gaskets, liners, and other parts.

Then there’s another class of shoppers. If you’re looking for a similar model of a comparable size, you want to know the best characteristics of the FGCH25M8LW freezer. These traits will, in turn, help you find similar freezers to invest in. Regardless of which category you fall into, you’re here because you need a freezer or you’re looking for spare parts. The last question is, where should you begin the search?

Frigidaire FGCH25M8LW Freezer Review

For consumers who want to buy the Frigidaire FGCH25M8LW chest freezer, it’s important we discuss its impressive design characteristics. Remember, this product is no longer in production. For those who are shopping for a similar product, there are several things to look for when choosing a new freezer. Customers should also consider the drawbacks of this item if they plan on investing in a used FGCH25M8LW freezer.

This product has a massive interior storage space. It also contains built-in safety features and is energy efficient. These are a few traits that set it apart from competitor’s products. The large storage capacity is also much larger than that of competitor’s products. The closest model in size is 21.7 cubic feet. So, customers should keep this in mind when comparing similar items in the chest freezer category.


The Frigidaire 25 cubic foot chest freezer is larger than residential chest freezers. It features a temperature range from -10 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. There are interior lights and a power-on light, and manual defrost functions. The freezer also has a defrost water drain and organization system.

The interior depth is 22 1/4 inches, and the interior width is 68 inches. There’s a lock popout key for extra security, and to help keep the kids out of the freezer. This model has both Energy Star and CSA certifications as well. There’s an external temperature control dial that sits at the bottom left-hand side of the freezer.


Several great characteristics set the Frigidaire FGCH25M8LW freezer apart from others. The 25 cubic foot capacity is greater than any residential product available today. Some additional features include:

  • A defrost drain
  • A lockable freezer door
  • Three store-more lift-out storage baskets
  • Two large crate storage baskets
  • Interior freezer light
  • There’s a power-on indicator light

Usability and size

Consumers will find many chest freezers with one or two storage cubes. The Frigidaire FGCH25M8LW comes with three. Its design allows owners to change the interior configuration for storage. Owners can change the storage space to meet their personal needs at home. There are five adjustable walls that interconnect the storage compartments internally.

This design allows owners to compartmentalize the storage space even further. They can maximize the large 25 cubic foot space. The walls are also removable, allowing owners to further open the area up for larger items. The divisibility alongside the large capacity makes this a highly usable freezer, especially in comparison to the smaller chest freezers available for sale today.

Parts, manuals, and troubleshooting

For owners who want to get the most out of the freezer, it’s important to understand the operability. Troubleshooting guides are helpful for owners. Different online resources will also help users get the most out of the freezer.

The owner’s manual provides owners with in-depth knowledge of the freezer’s capabilities, such as temperature settings, energy efficiency, and different modes of operation. It also highlights the product features including the storage baskets and internal configuration. Owners will learn about restrictions in a residential setting as well.

Customers can use the product’s specifications to decide where to set up the freezer. This guide provides details about interior capacity, storage, and clearance requirements.

Customers can find necessary troubleshooting information and answers to common questions as well. For example, you can learn how to prevent thawing or answer questions about troubleshooting the compressor. These are some ways the online guides will educate freezer owners.


The Frigidaire FGCH25M8LW is no longer in production today. But, consumers might find a new product on a third-party appliance site or sites like eBay from time to time.

In such cases, Frigidaire will warrant the FGCH25M8LW freezer for one-year. Customers can register brand new products on Frigidaire’s site. If customers buy a used model, Frigidaire doesn’t honor the one-year warranty.

How We Reviewed Similar Chest Freezers

We compared a few of the best chest freezers offering similar traits to the FGCH25M8LW. Our review features freezers of a similar size and models that are energy efficient. We also paid attention to the storage layout and capacity, as these are two standout features of the FGCH25M8LW freezer.

Our review included details about manufacturer warranties and customer reviews as well. We compared the best manufacturer brands in our analysis.

The Best Comparable Chest Freezers

There are several chest freezers available online. Many are comparable to the FGCH25M8LW model by Frigidaire. These are some of the best products available today.

Whirlpool 21.7 Cubic Foot Chest Freezer

This product is nearly 3.5 cubic feet smaller than the Frigidaire FGCH25M8LW freezer. But, it is energy efficient and boasts several great properties that owners will appreciate. It contains an alarm that lets you know when interior temperatures are too high. This feature allows owners to adjust the temperatures automatically when it is necessary.

It also has a door lock for greater security. The exterior control knob is easy to change. There’s a defrost drain that provides a direct escape for water from the freezer as well.

There are two stationary baskets and two sliding baskets inside of this chest freezer. This design allows owners to change the internal configurations to fit foods inside the storage space. An interior light makes it easier to see what’s in the freezer. The light turns on when the freezer door is open.

The energy star certification rating guarantees low operational costs for the year with this chest freezer. So, owners don’t have to worry about high electric bills with this model.

GE 21.7 Cubic Foot Chest Freezer

There’s an LED light that comes on each time owners open the freezer door. There are five sliding baskets allowing owners to maximize storage efficiency and usable space. It has a manual defrost freezer to maintain the optimal interior temperatures at all times and avoid spoilage.

This freezer can operate in temperatures ranging from zero up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is safe to keep in your garage.

The audible temperature alarm is another nice feature of this model. If temperatures get too warm for the foods in the freezer, it alerts the owner. There’s a second level rail as well. This design allows owners to slide baskets at different heights inside the freezer to fit foods accordingly.

A lock with a key also prevents unintentional opening/closing, and limits access to the contents of the freezer. Four customizable dividers work alongside the five baskets. Owners can configure the interior space to maximize the 21.6 cubic foot capacity of this freezer model. The adjustable temperature control allows owners to adjust temperature levels for different items in the freezer.

The only drawback of this product is that it is smaller than the Frigidaire FGCH25M8LW.

Why the Discontinued FGCH25M8LW Is Still a Good Investment

Although the Frigidaire FGCH25M8LW is no longer in production, it’s still a great product to buy. The massive 25 cubic foot capacity is much larger than comparable models. It is energy efficient, and it features even distribution and interior divisibility throughout the interior space.

The freezer allows owners to see what’s inside of it with cutout storage trays. It’s also an affordable product. And, if you can find a new freezer, you can enter product information at Frigidaire since the manufacturer will still extend the one-year warranty on brand new freezers.

Consumers looking for a current chest freezer will find several great products to choose from today. The Whirlpool 21.7 cubic foot freezer is a great option. The size is a little smaller than the Frigidaire, but it does feature an exterior lock and compartmental interior storage. It has the alarm indicator in case the temperatures get too high. Owners can also adjust internal compartment walls to maximize the storage space.

It might still be worth investing in the FGCH25M8LW freezer if you can’t find a brand new model. Although you won’t receive the one-year Frigidaire warranty, it’s possible the retailer offers their independent warranty. The size and interior storage space are well worth the investment for this freezer model. For larger families in need of additional freezer storage space, it’s one of the best chest freezers available today.