Are you searching for the best freestanding chest freezer for your home or office? Many are interested in the FCM9DTWH from GE. This little freezer is a true champion. Whether you’re looking for space for storing frozen meat and vegetables, or somewhere to keep bags full of ice, the GE FCM9DTWH does a great job. Unfortunately, it’s also been discontinued.

So you’re going to need to either get lucky on the third-party marketplace or find an alternative.

GE Consumer and Industrial, the maker of the FCM9DTWH, is a global leader in the home appliances industry. Providing residential, commercial, and industrial equipment to over 100 countries, GE towers above the competition. The company is responsible for producing some of the most innovative and economical appliances in the world.

Their FCM9DTWH model chest freezer is no exception. Since you can no longer buy this freezer, let’s take a look at some alternatives.


GE’s FCM9DTWH model is an 8.8 cubic feet capacity white chest freezer. Its size makes it the perfect appliance for the garage, basement, porch, or spare bedroom. If you’re looking for a bit of extra storage room for freezer foods, the FCM9DTWH is well worth looking into, if you can find it. Like much larger GE freezers It comes with a manual defrost, a couple of removable sliding baskets for bulk storage, and a door lock with key among other features. The freezer also has a convenient interior light, something many smaller chest freezers are lacking.

Let’s have a look at the full specifications below before moving on to what people are said about the FCM9DTWH.

Full specifications

The features of the GE FCM9DTWH freezer include a manual defrost (with defrost water drain), adjustable temperature control, interior lighting, two slight storage baskets that lift out, and a door lock. The freezer has a rated current of 15A, a voltage of 120V, and a 60Hz frequency. It is white in appearance, has a white recessed handle, and a textured steel case and lid.

The cabinet liner consists of epoxy-coated steel with foam insulation. The freezer has a wrap-around condenser and a wrap-around evaporator as well. A combination of features which make it extra economical and super quiet.

The approximate shipping weight of the FCM9DTWH is 140 pounds, with a net weight of 124 pounds. The product’s dimensions are 34.25 inches in overall height, 23.25 inches in total depth, and 41 inches in width. When the lid is open, the freezer has an overall height of 54.25 inches. The freezer has 3 inches of air clearance on all sides including the back.

What people say about the FCM9DTWH

The FCM9DTWH is a popular 8.8 cubic feet GE freezer model with North American consumers. It is twice the size of the smallest chest freezers, and slightly less than half the size of the most massive freezer. In other words, it’s the perfect size for the garage or spare bedroom. It isn’t too little or too big.

The biggest complaint owners seem to have with this particular freezer is that it doesn’t have a very bright light. Owners have also mentioned the lack of separate compartments on the inside of the freezer. However, it does come with a couple of sliding storage baskets, which other small chest freezers often lack.

How We Reviewed

To bring you the most up-to-date and accurate review for the GE FCM9TWH chest freezer, we hit the internet hard and heavy. We searched appliance forums, review sites, freezer retailers, and more.

We also looked at customer reviews, ratings, and complaints from major retailers and manufacturers such as Amazon and GE.

Seeking a Good Alternative to the FCM9DTWH?

We wanted to see how GE’s FCM9DTWH stacked up to freezers from competitor brands. So, we searched the web for three of the most closely comparable chest freezers you could use as an alternative to this spectacular freezer.

Looking at aspects such as overall features and benefits, power usage, aesthetics, and more, we compared each of the competitor freezers with the FCM9DTWH.

No products found.

GE FCM9DTWH Pros and Cons

Now that we’ve covered all of the primary information about the FCM9DTWH from GE, as well as several competitor freezers, let’s have a final look at the most significant advantages and disadvantages of the freezer.


For a smaller sized chest freezer, the FCM9DTWH comes with many significant advantages, especially to upright freezers (of any size). As a chest freezer, the FCM9DTWH is among the most economical types of freezers, period. Not only does it take less energy to run, but it also holds it’s temperature much better than upright models. In fact, this freezer will maintain its temperature for two to three days after being unplugged.

Lastly, this chest freezer has a longer lifespan than upright models, it also easily stores odd-shaped items that won’t fit inside an upright or side-by-side freezer.


Aside from the most obvious drawback, it is no longer manufactured, the small amount of storage space, significant disadvantages include a longer manual defrost time than other freezers, as well as requiring excessive bending to store and retrieve food.

Also, according to owners, the freezer could use better storage separation as well as a brighter light. There is also no power indicator light.

A Final Word About the GE FCM9DTWH

The FCM9DTWH has been on the market now for several years and has proven itself as more than a reliable chest freezer. With features such as an upfront water drain for defrosting, fully adjustable temperature controls, an interior light, a locking door, and warranties on parts and labor, it is unquestionably one of the best chest freezers of its size and class.

If you’re in the market for a new or replacement freezer, we highly recommend looking into the FCM9DTWH. Just remember, it may be hard to find, which will mean that you’ll have to go with an alternative. Not to worry, though, there are some great alternatives on the market.

Have you lost your FCM9DTWH owner’s manual? Download a printable replacement manual for free from the manufacturer. Do you need to schedule service for your GE freezer? Visit the manufacturer’s service and support page.

Did you recently purchase the GE FCM9DTWH freezer (or a comparable model from a competitor brand)? If so, how is it holding up in comparison to your previously established expectations? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments section below!

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