Are you looking for a replacement for you’re old worn out freezer? If so, the GE FCM5SUWW is a freezer well worth investing in. When you don’t need much room (or don’t have much room for that matter), the five cubic foot freezer is a perfect size. The FCM5SUWW fits in the garage, the spare bedroom, or even a corner of the kitchen and you’ll barely even notice its there.

Whether you need some extra room to store frozen vegetables and meat or a safe-haven for your horde of frozen goodies (Ben and Jerry’s), the FCM5SUWW is an excellent choice. This GE product seems to be worth its weight in gold because it takes less energy and less space than the majority of other freezers. It might be the freezer you want if you’re after additional freezer storage space equal to (or even a bit larger) than you have in your upright fridge and freezer combo.

The General Electric FCM5SUWW Freezer

When it comes to smaller freezers, the FCM5SUWW is one of the top-rated models on the market, and for a good reason. GE’s FCM5SUWW is a high-quality freezer with a capacity of 5.0 cubic feet. It comes with adjustable temperature controls and bulk storage baskets which are removable. The freezer is also equipped with a manual defrosting option, and a defrost water drain as well.

Full specifications

The full list of features and benefits of the FCM5SUWW freezer from GE includes manual defrost, adjustable temperature controls, power indicator light, sliding bulk storage baskets which lift out, and a defrost water drain. The freezer has a 5.0 cubic feet total capacity, a clean white appearance, and a recessed handle.

The freezer is economical and runs super quiet. It comes with a textured aluminum cabinet liner, cabinet and lid insulation of foam, and wrap around condenser and evaporator. The freezer is 33.25 inches high (53 inches with the lid open), 22 inches deep, and 28.31 inches wide. The back of the freezer has a three-inch air clearance as do the sides of the unit. Its weight is approximately 80 pounds (88 pounds in shipping weight).

The GE FCM5SUWW comes with a limited one-year parts warranty for the entire appliance, and a limited one-year labor warranty for the whole of the machine. In addition, its UL and California Prop 65 safety certified.

So, you’re looking for parts

Maybe you already own an FCM5SUWW and you’re looking for parts. Certainly, if you want to buy this freezer, knowing it’s discontinued, you love it and you want to keep it running.

There are several places you could go to look for freezer parts. One place you could visit is the Repair Clinic, which has a list of top-selling parts for this freezer. Sears Parts Direct not only has the different parts for the FCM5SUWW, but it also has a diagram of the freezer itself, so you know exactly what you need. Sears also has guides online to help you install the part you purchased.

If you’re going to work on your freezer, though, make sure you know what you’re doing. Do your research and always only work on a freezer when it’s unplugged. Safety first.

How We Reviewed

To bring you the best review and buyer’s guide possible, we researched the FCM5SUWW and competitor products until we were satisfied we collected all the intel we could get. We searched home appliance websites and forums, as well as product descriptions from major retailers and manufacturers of freezers. We also looked at customer reviews, complaints, and ratings for the GE unit as well as comparable home appliances. What we found was more than enough up-to-date and pertinent information for you.

How Does the GE FCM5SUWW Stack up to the Competition?

We wanted to know how the FCM5SUWW would stack up against the most significant competitor brands. So, we picked four of the most highly comparable products and measured them side by side with the GE unit. We looked at information such as features, benefits, quality of construction and components. We also considered price ranges, warranties, and customer reviews.

Midea WHS-258C1

Midea’s WHS-258C1 is the second great GE alternative that we looked at. A perfect little unit for storing ice cream, frozen veggies, meat, and more, the WHS-185C1 offers 7.0 cubic feet of space. The unit comes with a single hanging wire basket for storage and an easy to grip handle. If you’re looking for a smaller freezer, but want something a bit roomier than a 5.0 cubic foot freezer, the WHS-258C1 is an excellent choice.

No products found.
No products found.

Customers like that this freezer holds its temperature well and is easy to clean. Others warn that it stopped working after a short period and ruined their food.

Danby DUFM043A1WDD

The Danby DUFM043A1WDD is another excellent alternative to GE’s freezer. A bit smaller than the GE unit, the DUFM043A1WDD measures 4.3 cubic feet interior capacity vs. GE’s 5.0 cubic feet model freezer.

The Danby freezer is Energy Star compliant and uses an environmentally friendly refrigerant (R600a.) The unit also has integrated door shelving and three removable quick-freeze shelves. In comparison, this Danby freezer may have a bit less space, but its features still make it a great alternative.

No products found.
No products found.

Customers love the plugin and go ease of the Danby and say it’s sturdy and reliable. On the other hand, some customers said it stopped working soon after purchase and the seals around the door came loose.

Whynter CUF-110B

Whytner’s CUF-110B is the last freezer that we compared to the FCM5SUWW. This one is freestanding with clearance all around the unit and is comparable to the GE model. It runs at a noise level of 42 decibels, again similar to the quiet running GE freezer.

The CUF-110B has a manual defrost, two keys with a cylinder lock, a recessed handle, and a removable interior sliding wire shelf. All-in-all, a closely matched freezer with not much difference to the GE unit.

No products found.
No products found.

Customers say this is an awesome little freezer that has lots of room and works reliably. Most of the negatives surrounding this freezer had to do with delivery damage.

Pros and Cons

As with any product, there are several pros and cons to taking into consideration before making a purchase. So, now that we’ve covered all of the most crucial information about the FCM5SUWW and its main competition. It’s time to take a final look at the most significant advantages as well as the most significant disadvantages of the freezer.


The main benefits of the FCM5SUWW include its energy efficiency compared to larger freezers (upright or chest models), an affordable price tag, and plenty of storage room. If you’re looking for enough space for a few armfuls of freezer stuff, this freezer is the one you’ve been searching for.


The most significant cons with the FCM5SUWW are its long defrost time, and that it’s harder on your back than an upright freezer. Also, chest freezers, regardless of size, are more accessible for children to get into as well, which poses a danger.

Is the GE FCM5SUWW Right for You?

Whether or not the GE FCM5SUWW is right for you or not depends on your personal preferences and situational circumstances. You might ask yourself questions like how much freezer space do I need, and how much physical room do I have to situate the freezer in my home or garage?

If you’re shopping for a small freezer, just enough to clear up some space in the fridge and freezer combo in the kitchen, this freezer, and the above alternatives, are a few of the best. Not only do they give you the space you need and the light to see what you’re doing, but they cost less and preserve food longer. What’s not to like?

Do you own the GE FCM5SUWW, or a modern alternative that you’d like to share with our audience? We’d love to hear all about it.

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