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Use Freezer Baskets to Stay Organized and Save Space

freezer basket

Are you still struggling with the couple of freezer baskets your freezer came with — or worse, none at all?

Maybe you’ve started to notice that you can never find quite what you’re looking for in your freezer. Or perhaps the back of your freezer is always stuffed with old, freezer-burned products you can no longer use because you forgot they were there.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Your freezer can be just as neat, organized, and easy to use as your spice rack or your tea collection. But it’s not going to happen on its own — you need freezer baskets.

If you’ve never given a second thought to freezer baskets before, you’re not alone. In this guide, we’ll give you the lowdown on how useful these simple items can be. Then, we’ll go over the top freezer baskets to buy in 2018. Keep reading to take control over your freezer!

What Are Freezer Baskets?

Freezer baskets are exactly what they sound like: bins and baskets that go in your freezer to keep things organized.

Hanging Basket

They come in many different styles, including standalone baskets, hanging baskets, stacking baskets, and dividers. The right freezer baskets for you will depend on factors like what you need them for, and the size and shape of your freezer. However, no matter what style of freezer you have and what you store in it, these baskets make life easier.

It may be tempting use things you have around the house to organize your freezer, such as paper bags. Yet freezer baskets are designed to do the job much better. They fit right where you need them, won’t fall apart, and make it easy for you to see exactly what’s stored inside.

How To Organize Your Freezer Using Freezer Baskets

Still not convinced that freezer baskets are for you?

Organizing your freezer benefits you in ways you may not yet realize. You’ll be able to store things so they last longer, and you’ll quickly be able to find exactly the ingredients you need.

Most freezers are designed to be open, with minimal shelving. Although you can shove a lot of frozen food into the space without damaging anything, you’ll soon have an ungainly, disorganized pile in your freezer. Baskets keep items from falling out when you open the door, and ensure things are easy to locate.

Let’s go over exactly how to get your freezer in order using freezer baskets, step by step.

1. Know what you can freeze

2. Consider your containers

3. Choose the right portions

4. Add labels

5. Flatten your food

6. Organize small items

7. Store like items together

8. Make a dinner staging area

9. Create a freezer inventory

Freezer Basket Prices

Are you sold on freezer baskets now? They’ll simplify cooking, save you money, and best of all, they don’t have to cost a lot.

There is a wide range of freezer baskets at all different price points. Simple designs in materials like plastic are the least expensive, while fancier designs made of metal cost more but last longer. However, even at the lowest prices, you’ll still see the benefits of using baskets to keep your freezer’s contents in line.

2018’s Top Freezer Baskets

Which basket design is right for you? Let’s take a look at some of the year’s top-rated freezer baskets, based on consumer reviews.

mDesign Wire Storage Basket for Kitchen, Pantry, Cabinet

The best freezer baskets aren’t always designated just for freezers. This is one of the highest-rated kitchen storage baskets on Amazon, and it’s great for freezer use.

A pack of 4 in the “deep” size isn't the cheapest, but they’re still quite affordable. The rust-resistant, sturdy steel wire holds up well over the years, and the built-in handles make these baskets easy to pull out of a freezer of any size.

They also come in a few different shapes and sizes, with different price points for each. If the “deep” baskets are too big for your freezer, look at some other mDesign basket styles.

Spectrum Diversified Scoop Storage Basket

If your freezer has limited space or you already have some baskets, it might be better to buy individual baskets rather than sets. 

This basket is made of durable steel, and the “scoop” front makes it easy to reach in and get what you need. The open-wire design also lets you see exactly what’s inside. Spectrum’s storage baskets come in a number of sizes too, so you can choose what works best for your space.

IRIS Freezer Hanging Basket

To really maximize your space, you’ll want to invest in a hanging basket or two.

Luckily, hanging freezer baskets aren’t expensive. The IRIS design hangs from a shelf in your freezer, so you can use all the vertical space. With a hanging basket, it’s easy to reach exactly what you need, and you’ll be surprised by how much more you can store in your freezer.

This IRIS basket is durable coated wire, and the size works well with most freezer designs.

Grayline 40604 Deep Storage Basket

If you want to maximize both your space and your budget, try the Deep Storage Basket from Grayline. These baskets can hold a lot of large items, and they're one of the best deals on this list.

Grayline’s coated steel design will last longer than a plastic basket, and the “extra-deep” size is perfect for large bags of soup, vegetables, and more. Since the baskets are made of wire, you’ll be able to see everything inside, even at the bottom.

PROMART DAZZ Medium Stacking Baskets

Finally, stacking baskets are another great way to use your freezer space efficiently.

These steel wire baskets stack on top of each other, so you can save space in your freezer. If one basket isn’t completely full, just put the other one on top of it so the space doesn’t go to waste. You can use your vertical space more effectively if you have multiple rows of stacked baskets.

The Promart Stacking Baskets also come with handles, so it's easy to get them into and out of a freezer of any size.

The Verdict

Freezer baskets are an inexpensive, highly effective way to make your food budget go farther.

You probably think throwing out old frozen food is tiresome. Or, maybe you’re just tired of opening your freezer and having heavy frozen packages fall down onto your foot. Either way, freezer baskets are the answer. They'll make your life easier and save you money. What’s not to like?

We’d love to hear what you think about this freezer organization idea. Whether you’re excited about freezer baskets or have your own form of freezer storage that works for you, leave a comment and let us know!

The Best Frigidaire Chest Freezer You Should Own

Chest Freezer

Do you need a good chest freezer? Maybe you cook a lot of food and need to freeze it for later, or perhaps you merely need the extra storage space. You might consider getting a Frigidaire chest freezer.

Frigidaire is a trusted name in kitchen appliances, and with their wide selection of chest freezers, you're all but guaranteed to find a good chest freezer to fit your needs.

How do you decide which Frigidaire chest freezer you should buy, though? There’s no need to do a ton of research yourself – we've compiled all the information you need to make your decision right here.

Comparison Table

Frigidaire Chest Freezer FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about chest freezers.

What is a chest freezer?

How do chest freezers work?

What chest freezers does Frigidaire offer?

All of Frigidaire's chest freezers come with the following features:

What features does each Frigidaire chest freezer have?

  • Adjustable temperature control, so you can set your freezer to the optimal temperature for your needs
  • Power-on indicator lights, so you know when your freezer is running
  • At least one moveable basket, which helps you better organize your food
  • They're built to be energy efficient

The 24.8, 19.8, 14.8 and 12.8 cubic foot freezers come with optional casters, which makes it far easier to move these freezers around.

The 17.5 cubic foot freezer comes with a whopping six baskets and a system of dividers. Unlike every other size, including the larger ones, this makes it simple for you to organize your food the way you need it.

This size also comes with ArcticLock™ walls, which will keep your food cold for up to 48 hours without power.

Every freezer that's 12.8 cubic feet and larger also comes with the following features:

Some Freezers Have Additional Features To Consider:

  • A pop-out lock. With this, you can lock your freezer without forgetting to take the key out of the lock
  • Interior LED lighting, so you can better see what you're looking for even in a poorly lit area
  • Leveling legs. Keeping your freezer level helps to ensure that it performs as designed
  • A pop-out lock. With this, you can lock your freezer without forgetting to take the key out of the lock
  • Interior LED lighting, so you can better see what you're looking for even in a poorly lit area
  • Leveling legs. Keeping your freezer level helps to ensure that it performs as designed
Is a chest freezer a more economical choice than an upright freezer?


  • The wide variety of sizes means that anyone can find a chest freezer that fits both their needs and budget. That includes people who need a chest freezer because they butcher their own meat. The freezers are quieter than standard refrigerator-freezers.
  • Your frozen food is less prone to freezer burn in a Fridigaire chest freezer than it is in a standard refrigerator freezer because they hold a constant temperature.
  • In fact, they're so efficient that even the largest model only. They work very well even in warm environments, like garages.
  • check-circle
    The Frigidaire brand is well-known and widely available. They have their factory-trained technicians who will come out to your house to examine and repair your freezer.
  • check-circle
    Frigidaire also has its replacement parts so if you need a part replaced; they replace it with a genuine Frigidaire part.


  • There's no door-open alarm, power-loss alarm, or high-temperature alarm. If you overfill your freezer and the food pushes the door up, you won't know it until you see it.
  • It's the same thing with a power loss or with abnormal temperatures. Every Frigidaire chest freezer is a manual defrost freezer. That means that you'll occasionally have to unload it and unplug it to defrost it.
  • Unfortunately, they aren't Energy Star® certified. Even though they're efficient, you don't get the rebates and other financial benefits of having a freezer with an Energy Star® rating. These freezers also take up space.
  • ban
    Most people who use them at home have a basement or a garage in which to store them. If you don't, though, you might have trouble finding space for even their smallest model.
  • ban
    The 17.5 cubic foot freezer is the only one that comes with a good organizational system. Even the two larger sizes don't come with that system.
  • ban
    Finally, you can buy more baskets for some of these freezers.

Where to Buy a Frigidaire Chest Freezer?

Since Frigidaire is a well-known and widely established brand, you can find a Frigidaire chest freezer just about anywhere. They’re available from Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe's, Sears, and many local appliance stores.

Warranties and Service Guarantees

Frigidaire offers a comprehensive service guarantee when you sign a service agreement. It includes having Frigidaire’s factory-trained techs come to where you are to perform diagnostics and repairs.

That ensures that you’re getting service from someone who knows your freezer inside and out and has the correct, high-quality parts to fix it. You don't have to worry that someone will fix your Frigidaire chest freezer with poor-quality parts, and you don't have to worry that you'll have to wait forever for a special or custom part.

Furthermore, since you get your warranty from the place at which you buy it, Frigidaire makes sure that their service guarantees work with your warranty.

Even better, if you need to replace your chest freezer and you’re still within your service agreement, they will do so with something that has comparable features. And if you’re unhappy with their service, you may be able to get a full refund on the unused portion of your service contract.

You can get a one, two or three-year service agreement. Click here for more information.

How We Reviewed

We went straight to Frigidaire's website, where they list all of their models, give detailed specifications, and even have customer reviews. Frigidaire does not remove negative reviews from their website.

In fact, they respond to negative reviews with offers to help these unsatisfied customers with their products, or with thanks for helping them improve their products.

We used their lists of features, specifications, and customer reviews to develop this article and help you decide whether to buy a Frigidaire chest freezer and determine which one is right for you.

Our Verdict

If you're looking for a larger freezer, then we recommend the 17.5 cubic foot one because of its comprehensive organization system. If it's a smaller freezer you want, we recommend the 7.2 cubic foot model.

It's reasonably priced, has a sufficiently small footprint, and it's a perfect size for a small family. This freezer also great if you live alone or don't have any children. It's roomy but not so big that you'll have trouble filling it up.

Ultimately, though, the specific Frigidaire chest freezer that you buy will depend on unique your needs and budget.

The Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerator You Should Own


If you are in the market for a new refrigerator, you should consider one with a bottom freezer. Bottom freezer refrigerators are a more modern and contemporary home appliance compared to the traditional style refrigerators.

Coming in style variation such as French doors and providing more shelving space. The fridge sits right at eye level, allowing proper storage for frozen goods underneath.

This storage option keeps food organized and easily accessible compared to the traditional fridge. This combined makes a bottom freezer refrigerator a more stylish and modern choice for your forever home.

Comparison Table

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator FAQs

To start us off, let's cover what you're getting into with some frequently asked questions about these bottom freezer refrigerators. Each bottom freezer refrigerator has its own unique set of specs that we will cover in each fridge's overview.

What are bottom freezer refrigerators?

What makes them better than traditional refrigerators?

Where are they sold?

How We Reviewed

Top 10 Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

In no particular order, we will be covering the specs, prices, and retailers of the top 10 bottom freezer refrigerators that you can own in 2018.

Whirlpool WRB322DMBB

Whirlpool WRB322DMBM 21.9 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer...
  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes...

This refrigerator has 22.1 cubic feet (15.6 cubic feet for the fridge compartment), so, you're getting a good amount of storage.

In the fridge compartment, you get three interior shelves, two of which are adjustable, and two crisper drawers. Along with six barred cubbies on the door, organization comes easily.

The freezer has 6.5 cubic feet of storage with an ice maker built in the compartment. It comes in black.


GE PFE28KMKES Profile 27.8 Cu. Ft. Slate French Door Refrigerator -...
  • 27.8 Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • Hands-Free AutoFill
  • Second Icemaker Option

This bottom freezer refrigerator is much fancier than the Whirlpool and comes with French doors and more storage compartments on the inside. 26.8 cubic feet make up this fridge (18.6 going to the fridge compartment), allowing more room than the whirlpool. 

In the fridge compartment, you get three shelves, two crispers, and a pantry door. With also three shelves on each door.

The freezer contains two storage units inside. The ice maker and auto-fill water dispenser with touch controls are all provided within the door.

Kenmore 72482

Kenmore 4672482 4 Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Dispenser,...
  • Item includes room of choice delivery, unboxing, item hook-up (including required parts) and free optional haul-away at...
  • Slim in-door icemaker provides this 29.9 cubic foot capacity refrigerator extra shelf space. Genius Cool features a...
  • Exclusive Air Tight crisper keeps vegetables fresher longer

With four French doors, this bottom freezer refrigerator seems like it would have more room than most. However, the Kenmore only sits at 21.1 cubic feet (17.3 inside the fridge). This makes it a smaller fridge. It has three shelves, two crispers, and three cubbies on each door, and allows for decent organization.

The Kenmore also has a pantry drawer, and this sits above the freezer in a separate unit instead of inside the fridge. The pantry has three sections, and the freezer has two storage compartments. The water and ice are held in the door.


LG LDCS24223S 24 cu.ft. 2D Bottom Mount, 33" Wide, Drawer
  • 24 Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • Smart Cooling System
  • SmartDiagnosis System

This average looking bottom freezer refrigerator comes with 24.1 cubic feet of storage (16.4 going to the fridge compartment). That puts it pretty up there for storage and organization, but still not as much as the GE fridges.

The fridge houses three shelves, two crispers, a pantry, and four cubbies on the door. The freezer has two spaces, but there is no water or ice dispenser in the fridge.

Samsung RF23M8090SG Counter-Depth 4-Door French Door Refrigerator

No products found.

This beautifully modern bottom freezer refrigerator comes with four French doors and even a built-in water pitcher. Though, you only get 22.6 cubic feet of storage (12.9 in the fridge compartment). This refrigerator has three shelves, two crispers, a separate pantry drawer above the freezer, and seven cubbies on the doors.

The freezer has two spaces for storage, and the fridge comes with an auto-filling water pitcher.

Along with a water and ice dispenser on the outside of the doors. This fridge also received considerable marks in how well the temperature maintained over the course of 24 hours where the others fell short.

Samsung Family Hub

SAMSUNG RF22K9581SG / RF22K9581SG/AA / RF22K9581SG/AA 22 Cu. Ft. Black...
  • Total (cu. Ft.): 22 / Fridge: 13.2 / Freezer: 8.8
  • See Inside Thanks To Three Built-in Mobile Accessible Cameras
  • FlexZone Bottom-right Door Can Be A Fridge Or Freezer

This fridge takes your smart home to a new level, but for a hefty price. With a 21.5 inch touchscreen on the front of the refrigerator, you'll be living in the future.

This French four-door fridge clocks in at 27.9 cubic feet (16.4 for the fridge and a whopping 11.5 for the freezer). With three shelves, two crispers, and six door cubbies, the refrigerator seems pretty standard.

However, the freezer contains seven shelves and six door cubbies, making this the most massive freezer by far. The touchscreen comes with preloaded apps that you cannot delete or add to the list.

The most interesting app is the one that lets you see inside the fridge without even opening it. 


This is one of the biggest fridges with 30 cubic feet (17.3 going to the refrigerator and 3.8 for the CustomChill pantry drawer). The ice maker is housed in the entirety of the left door, making that door run colder than the other.

Inside, you get three shelves, three crispers, and six door cubbies. The pantry drawer has three spaces, and the freezer has two.

The only bad thing about the fridge is that it runs a little warm. However, the freezer holds its temperature pretty well. The storage spaces are more spacious than each of the refrigerators before this one, making this fridge the most open for storage.


No products found.

This crazy fridge has a Keurig inside of it, earning it the title of Cafe Series. This French door system has water, hot water, ice, and coffee dispenser at the ready. Conversely, this bottom freezer refrigerator is only 27.8 cubic feet.

It's much bigger than the cheaper ones but smaller than some of the pricier ones we've reviewed so far. It also has the average three shelves and two crispers, with the pantry underneath.

The doors have seven cubbies, though space is limited due to the room the Cafe center takes up in the left door. The freezer is left with the standard two compartments.


Samsung Appliance RF28JBEDBSG 36" Energy Star Rated Food Showcase...
  • Total (Cu.Ft.): 27.8 / Fridge: 15.7 + 3.8 / Freezer: 8.3
  • Food ShowCase Door With Metal Cooling
  • FlexZone Drawer With Metal Cooling

This French door fridge offers the food showcase door-in-a-door feature adds 3.8 cubic feet. That doesn't do very much besides adding more organization and storage.

The bottom freezer refrigerator holds 27.8 cubic feet of room (15.7 in the fridge space). However, the ice maker takes up a bit of space in the door. Inside, you get the basic three shelves and two crispers.

This fridge's pantry drawer is quite more spacious than the others, and the freezer is split into the average two compartments. Other than that, this fridge is a reasonably basic fridge compared to the others and is an excellent modern touch to any kitchen.

Samsung RF34H9960S4

Samsung RF34H9960S4 Chef Collection 34.3 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel...
  • Fridge: 19.02 - 26.66 Cu.ft. / Freezer: 7.64 - 15.28 Cu.ft.
  • SodaSteam Sparkling Water Dispenser
  • Chef Basket And Chef Pan Included

This fridge is the largest on this list, coming up at 34.3 cubic feet, designating 19 of that to the fridge. This giant bottom freezer refrigerator earned its title as the Chef Collection.

With four French doors, you better feel like a chef. Even though the entire bottom is a freezer, the right side can be turned into a fridge compartment with a touch of a button. This comes in handy if you have more refrigerated items than frozen items.

This fridge also comes with two stainless steel Chef pans that slide under the fridge shelving. There's a "Chef Basket" inside for grated cheese and sliced veggies, a large "Chef Pantry," and even a SodaStream in the door for sparkling water. Currently part of a limited collection and very high in demand.

The Verdict

There are so many amazing fridges to choose from, but most people only have one in their homes.

The bottom freezer refrigerator, on our list that is most worth its price is the Samsung RF23M8090SG model. Not just because it contains a transportable water pitcher, but because it comes with average spacing for a decent amount. It also has the best reviews on how well it stays cool and maintains a constant cold temperature.

Of course, for a family splurge, the Samsung Family Hub is also an enticing choice for its fancy touchscreen that makes it unique.

If this is a starter bottom-freezer refrigerator, you should look over the fancy add-ons. It is best to go for a fridge that has a consistent cooling temperature like the Samsung RF23.

Though, the Whirlpool has gotten good reviews on being a decent starter model for those just getting a family home together. However, most people have their own opinions, especially on something that should match the interior of their home and the size of their family.

If you aren't entirely falling in love with any of these highly reviewed fridges, try looking at company sites with high reviews. For instance, Samsung and LG have some of the best bottom freezer refrigerators.

That makes them highly reputable when shopping for your new bottom freezer refrigerator. Through looking for the best reviews, the Kenmore fridge seemed to have a high amount of sponsorship on nearly every site visited. However, it is not at the top of our list.

Let us know what your favorite bottom freezer fridge is in the comments below or you can also pick from the Best Frigidaire Upright Freezer.

The Best Chest Freezer For You to Own

Chest Freezer with items

If you have a large family, grocery shop in bulk, or do a lot of fishing and hunting, a chest freezer can be a great purchase. According to the United States Department of Agriculture people in America waster over 150 billion dollars by throwing away food each year.

Better yet, owning a chest freezer can be a great way to prevent waste and add savings to your monthly grocery budget. It is one of those purchases that you will make and then ask yourself,"Where have you been all my life?!"

Comparison Table

What Is A Chest Freezer?

The most economical (and most popular) type of freezer is a chest freezer. The chest freezer got its name because it is shaped like a large treasure chest and has a lid that opens upwards instead of out like a fridge.

You can find chest freezers in a variety of sizes. They are typically anywhere from 2.1 cubic feet up to 40 cubic feet. People usually don't keep these freezers in the kitchen because of their size. Instead, they are typically found in the utility room, garage, or basement.

Chest freezers differ from upright, draw, and portable freezers in many ways. Besides the size, the biggest difference is that they don't have a fan and it can cause some problems. Since there is no air circulation, the temperatures can be inconsistent inside of the freezer.

Chest freezer

That will not hurt your food and can actually help prevent freezer burn. It is recommended that you store meats and large items at the bottom of the freezer as this will always be the coldest part.

Storing smaller items like bags of food, precooked meals, and frozen vegetables at the top make it easier for them to stay frozen and also makes it easier to access them.

Why Do I Need One?

A chest freezer can be very affordable and help save you tons of money. Do you have a garden? Even a small garden can produce large amounts of fruits and vegetables. While giving away the extra to friends and family is nice, think about how great it would be to have such a nice bounty for your own family during the winter months.

Freezing fruits and veggies also gives you time to plan what you want to do with your food. Making 35 cans of strawberry jam might seem like a great idea in the summer, but after the 10th jar, it will probably be the last thing you want to eat.

Owning a chest freezer is also great for buying meat in bulk or if you or someone you know is a hunter. Meat is one of the most expensive items on a family's grocery list.

Imagine if you could get meat in bulk and save money at the same time. Not only can it help your budget, but it can also cut down on the amount of time you spend grocery shopping each week.

Saving time is another great reason why you need a chest freezer. Not only will you save time by grocery shopping less, but you can also save time by precooking meals. A quick Google search will supply you with hundreds, if not thousands of recipes that are family friendly and freeze well.

Cooking ahead isn't just for meals, but works great for baking as well. You can make your own premade pie crust as well as muffins, bread, and cookies. Spending on weekend cooking can make the rest of your meals for the month much easier to prepare and serve.

How We Compiled Our Reviews

  • Hours and hours into researching each chest freezer we will be reviewing in this article.
  • We scoured sites such as Amazon, BestBuy, and Home Depot to make sure we get a wide range of unbiased reviews.
  • We are not affiliated with any of the companies listed in this article and receive no incentive to give them good or bad recommendations.

Our Top Eight Chest Freezer Choices

The choices below are in no particular order. When trying to figure out what size freezer is right for your family, it is important to remember that a 3.5 cubic foot freezer will hold about 123 pounds of frozen food.

A 5.0 cubic foot freezer will hold approximately 175 pounds of frozen food, and 7.0 cubic foot freezer will hold around 245 pounds of food.

Since the more full your freezer is, the less it costs to run, it is essential to get a freezer that is the right size for your family.

Avanti CF6216E

Avanti CF6216E Chest Freezer, 2.1 cu. ft, White
  • Top Loading Flip Up Lid
  • Stackable Storage
  • Adjustable Thermostat

This Avanti model is available on Amazon. This chest freezer is 5.2 cubic feet, which makes it big enough for a small family to freeze a good amount of food. It has lights on the front to let you know when the power is on.

This freezer ranges from -5 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit. This model has one removable basket which helps keep things organized. It also has a drain on the bottom which makes defrosting easy.

There were no complaints about how this freezer works, but two people did receive their freezer dented.

Midea WHS129C1

Midea MRC04M3AWW Single Door Chest Freezer, 3.5 Cubic Feet, White
  • Mechanical Control with Adjustable Thermostat from -12 to -28 Degrees (Great for Storing Frozen Food, Ice Cream, Ice,...
  • Contains 1 Hanging Wire Storage Basket
  • Hinge-Style Door Remains Open from 45 to 75 Degree Angles

The Midea WHS129C1 comes in three sizes and is available on Amazon. This chest freezer comes in three sizes: 3.5 cubic feet, 5.0 cubic feet, and 7.0 cubic feet. Each model has the same features. They all have an adjustable thermostat that can be set between -12 to -28 degrees Fahrenheit.

It includes one hanging wire storage basket and the doors are all hinge-style and can remain open while you are removing or adding things to the freezer. None of these models have safety locks which can prevent children from opening them.

Customers like how well the freezer runs and that it does not produce much heat outside of the freezer. There are some complaints about the packaging not being great.

Amana AQC0501GRW

The Amana AQC0501GRW is 5.3 cubic feet and has some great features. It has deep freeze technology which keeps your food at -8 degrees as well as a basket for easy organization.

It also has built-in rollers that make moving your freezer very simple, even when it is full. When you have found the perfect spot for your freezer the two leg levelers on the bottom will help you keep your freezer balanced no matter how uneven your floors might be.

People commented that they love how well the freezer runs and how quiet it is. Some people report having problems with the lid sticking.

Danby DCF038A1WDB13

No products found.

The Danby DCF038A1WDB13 chest freezer and is available on Amazon. Measuring at 3.8 cubic feet this freezer is great for anyone who lives in an apartment, condo or even for use in a small office. The foam insulated chest and lid makes this one o the most energy efficient chest freezers on our list.

It has a manual defrost system with a drain which makes defrosting a simple task. It has one basket for better organization. This model comes with a one year warranty on parts and labor.

Customers who are single or just needed a little bit of extra room love the size of this chest freezer. Some people dislike that it has no internal light.

Frigidaire FFFC15M4TW

Frigidaire FFFC15M4TW 56 Inch Freezer with 14.8 cu. ft. Capacity,...
  • 14.8 Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • Adjustable Temperature Control
  • SpaceWise Adjustable Baskets

This chest freezer is available on Amazon. Coming in at almost 15 cubic feet this model is large. It is perfect for big families, small businesses, or anyone who wants to be able to stock up on a large amount of food. The exterior dial temperature control is easy to reach and allows for you to set the temperature to your preference.

Frigidaire FFFC15M4TW has multiple color-coordinated baskets for easy organization. It comes with a key and safety lock which makes this model perfect for anyone with small children. The casters make moving this large freezer simple for even one person.

There is even LED lighting inside of the freezer so you will never have a problem trying to find what you're looking for when you open it in the dark.

People love the size and organizational capabilities of this chest freezer.

There are complaints that the caster kit does not include screws. If you purchase this freezer make sure you also buy (16) #10 X 1/2" sheet metal screws to mount the casters using the pre-drilled holes.

Haier HF50CM23NW

Haier HF50CM23NW 5.0 cu. ft. Capacity Chest Freezer, White
  • Removable basket Manual defrost
  • Defrost drain Includes a storage basket
  • RoHS compliant Dimensions: 30.5"L x 23.1"W x 34.6"H

The Haier HF50CM23NW is available on Amazon. This chest freezer is a good deal for the size. The 5.0 cubic foot freezer can fit up to 175 lbs of food. It has one removable basket which helps with organization. The front drain makes defrosting effortless and quick.

The interior of this model is aluminum which is great at keeping a consistent temperature. This model does not include castors or extended legs which can make moving it difficult, especially if it is filled with food.

People love the front drain and how easy it is to defrost the freezer. There are a few complaints about the machine putting off a bit of heat on the outside.

Insignia NSCZ50WH6

This chest freezer is available on Amazon. The Insignia NSCZ50WH6 is a great deal considering it is 5.0 cubic feet which is a perfect size for many families.

The removable wire storage basket can be placed anywhere in the freezer or can be removed to create extra space. The lid will stay open when lifted above a 45-degree angle, which makes adding and removing items a breeze. 

The adjustable leveling legs mean your unit will always be level even if your floor isn't. That is important as it helps with insulation and allows your freezer to run more efficiently.

Customers enjoy the size of this freezer and how it is easy to find a place to fit it in their home. Some people dislike that it is not a frost free freezer.


RCA RFRF450-AMZ, 5.1 Cubic Foot Chest, Deep Freezer Cold Storage for...
  • Chest Freezer with 5.1 Inch Cubic Foot Capacity
  • Defrost Drain for Easy Cleaning
  • Shelf for Easy Organization

The RCA FRF450-B can be purchased on Amazon. This model comes in four different sizes: 3.5 cubic feet, 5.1 cubic feet, 7.1 cubic feet, and 10.6 cubic feet.

Each size has many of the same features as similar models mentioned elsewhere in this article. The major difference is that this model has a shelf which is unique for chest freezers. The shelf allows for much better organization.

We included this freezer on the list because it received rave reviews about how well it works. The lower reviews come from people whose freezers arrived with some dents, although those dents did not affect how well the freezer worked.

Which Chest Freezer Is The Best?

Each chest freezer on our list can be a great option depending on your needs and budget. It is important to consider the little additions, like castors and drains, which might not seem like a big deal when purchasing the freezer at first but will become important later on.

Also, keep in mind that you don't want to buy a freezer that is too large. Not keeping your freezer full will mean you're paying more in electric each month to keep it running.

If you shop smart and are realistic about what you need then owning a chest freezer can be a great time and money saver for you and your family. Who doesn't need a little bit more of both?

The Best EnergyStar Freezer For You To Own: A Buyers’ Comprehensive Guide

energy star freezer

An EnergyStar freezer can make your kitchen more energy efficient. But did you know it can also save you money?

It's true! In fact, replacing your old appliances with EnergyStar appliances can save you around 100 bucks every year per appliance in energy costs. On top of that, some appliances may even earn you a tax credit.

Which one should you buy? Lucky you, you're spoiled for choice. There are some excellent EnergyStar certified freezers on the market today. The following are some of our favorites.

Comparison Table


What is the EnergyStar Program?

What is an EnergyStar Freezer?

What To Look For in a Freezer

Chest or upright?

How much freezer do you need?

How We Reviewed

  • First, we visited EnergyStar's residential freezer page, to see which models are covered under the program.
  • Then we consulted trusted review sites like Consumer Reports, to find the EnergyStar freezer models that they liked the best.
  • Finally, we took to the internet to see what actual purchasers thought of their new freezers.

As a result, we bring you an impartial, well-rounded list of what we believe to be the best EnergyStar freezers on the market today.

The Best EnergyStar Freezer To Own

Which freezer is ultimately the best? That's for you to decide. But to help you with your decision, here are our picks.

Large Freezers

Are you looking for somewhere to preserve the spoils of your latest hunting trip? Or perhaps your large household wants to have a large amount of food on hand in case of a family reunion? If this sounds like you, then a large freezer is what you need.

Kenmore Elite 27002 20.5 cu. ft. Upright Freezer in White, includes...
  • Item includes room of choice delivery, unboxing, item hook-up and free optional haul-away at checkout
  • Freeze Fresh Technology freezes food at -20 degrees to help lock in freshness and nutrients. Frost-free design means you...
  • Soft freeze zone is perfect for storing softer frozen goods like ice cream

Type of freezer:


Capacity (total volume):

20.5 cubic feet

Where to buy:

The Kenmore Elite 27002 is Consumer Report's top rated freezer model. They give it a rating of "excellent" for energy efficiency, temperature uniformity, temperature control, and ease of use. Consumer Search likewise considers this model good value for money.

Both reviewers and consumers found this model to be noisy. Also, Consumer Search was not impressed by the one-year warranty. Customer reviewers at Consumer Reports were less generous than Amazon reviewers, and rated this model 2.3 out of five, citing power failure performance and noise.

There seems to be a split, here, between consumer reviewers and professionals. Unfortunately, there weren't a lot of customer reviews. Consumer Reports tests thoroughly, though, so we'll put this one in the "needs more research" pile.

No products found.

Type of freezer:


Capacity (total volume):

20.5 cubic feet

Where to buy:

Check Frigidaire's website to find a retailer near you

Consumer Reports rated this EnergyStar freezer very highly. In particular, they liked its energy efficiency and its performance on their lab tests. What's more, Consumer Search named it their Best Upright, calling it simple, reliable, and consistent.

Reviewers and consumers alike both found this freezer to be noisy. Critical consumer reviews also cited reliability as an issue.

After rigorous testing, The Wirecutter has declared this model to be the best of 2018. Consumers and reviewers both seemed to like this one, despite the noise. It also has a generous capacity. Reviewers consider this model to be very good value for money, as well.

GE FUF17DLRWW Upright Freezer
  • Interior LED lighting lets you see everything clearly so it's easier to find
  • Electronic external temperature control make adjusting the settings quick and simple
  • Lock and key deter thieves or unauthorized persons from accessing your frozen food

Type of freezer:


Capacity (total volume):

17.3 cubic feet

Consumer Reports rated this EnergyStar freezer highly for energy efficiency, temperature control, and stability. 

Consumers particularly liked the product quality and rated it good value for money.

There were a few consumer complaints about the door seal. In addition, several people found it noisy.

Consumers and reviewers seemed to be in sync on this one, also. And it looks like right now, you can get some very good deals on this particular EnergyStar freezer. If the price is right for you, then we think this is a good model.

GE Appliances FUF21SMRWW, White
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Model Number: FUF21SMRWW
  • Item Package Dimension: 40.0" L x 48.0" W x 70.0" H

Type of freezer:


Capacity (total volume):

20 cubic feet

The Wirecutter considers this model to be the best overall freezer of 2018. In particular, they say it offers the storage space of a large freezer for the price of a smaller freezer. And that's important. Its features include a safety lock, adjustable legs, and adjustable shelves.

Numerous consumers reported breakdowns within a year of purchase.

As far as consumer reviews go, 1,563 of 2,137 people who bought this model from Home

Overall, consumers rated the unit highly for energy efficiency, quality, features, and value. Critical reviews focused on breakdowns.

GE FCM22DLWW Freezer
  • With a door that locks to help keep children out
  • Up-front temperature controls are easy to reach and operate
  • Lock with key allows you to protect your valuable food items from unintentional entry

Type of freezer:


Capacity (total volume):

21.7 cubic feet

Consumer Reports rated this model "excellent" or "very good" in all categories. Purchaser reviews were few and far between. Those who left reviews, however, praised its power outage performance and general quality.

We were unable to find a significant number of either consumer or professional reviews of this model.

However, we included it on our list, because both Consumer Reports, which tests products thoroughly and verified purchasers at several outlets rated this EnergyStar freezer very highly. We are optimistic but will be keeping our eyes open for long-term reports.

Compact Freezers

Does your household need a bit of extra freezer space, but not enough to justify buying a large, standalone unit? Consider a compact. There are quite a few good ones out there. Here are a few.

GE FCM11PHWW Chest Freezer
  • With a door that locks to help keep children out
  • Up-front temperature controls are easy to reach and operate
  • Lock with key allows you to protect your valuable food items from unintentional entry

Type of freezer:


Capacity (total volume):

10.6 cubic feet

Consumer Reports loved this model and rated it "excellent" in most categories. It did get dinged, though, on "ease of use." Verified purchasers are overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

Consumer criticisms seemed to focus on issues with the compressor and temperature control. A number of customers were also displeased that the unit doesn't come with a back cover where the power cord is located.

They especially liked that it was good value for the money. The Wirecutter considers this one of the best chest freezers out there, regarding price, specs, efficiency, and footprint.

On top of that, right now, it looks like you can get some excellent deals on it. We give this model our enthusiastic thumbs up.

Type of freezer:

Compact Upright

Capacity (total volume):

15.7 cubic feet

This chest has a small footprint, but a very decent capacity. Additionally, reviewers and purchasers alike all considered this unit to be very good for its price.

Despite what reviewers considered to be a comprehensive warranty, there were numerous consumer complaints about dealing with Maytag service.

1,037 out of 1,455 people who purchased this model from Home Depot. Consumers liked the unit's quality, value, features, and energy efficiency equally well.

Complaints seemed to center around difficulty obtaining needed repairs from Maytag, even under a warranty that reviewers praised.

Danby DUFM085A2WDD1 Upright Freezer, 8.5 Cubic Feet, White
  • Environmentally friendly R600a refrigerant | Manual defrost
  • Product dimensions – 23.63” W x 25.69” D x 58.75” H | Internal capacity – 8.5 cu. Ft. or 241 liters | Energy...
  • Energy Star compliant | Mechanical thermostat

Type of freezer:

Compact Upright

Capacity (total volume):

3.2 to 8.5

Where to buy:

The Spruce liked this unit's energy efficiency measures, including extra insulation. They also liked the fact that it uses an environmentally friendly refrigerant called R600a. Also, they loved the adjustable temperature controls.

Consumer Reports praises the energy efficiency of this EnergyStar freezer, although it does take points off for ease of use. Sixty-five percent of more than 400 Amazon purchasers.

They were impressed by the unit's quality, as well as its storage capacity. If you're looking for a compact, this might be one to keep your eye on.

Our Verdict

If you're looking for a large-capacity freezer, then it's pretty hard to go wrong with the GE FUF17DLRWW. Why? Well, both consumers and reviewers seemed to like it a lot. In addition, the problems that consumers reported seemed minor by comparison.

Finally, it looks like if this is the machine for you, you can get a great deal on it right now.

As far as compacts go, we're with the GE FCM11PHWW -- again, because of the enthusiastic reviews from both customers and professionals.

So, which EnergyStar freezer is for you? And have we missed out on any great models? Let us know in the comments!