Do you need a good chest freezer? Maybe you cook a lot of food and need to freeze it for later, or perhaps you merely need the extra storage space. You might consider getting a Frigidaire chest freezer.

Frigidaire is a trusted name in kitchen appliances, and with their wide selection of chest freezers, you’re all but guaranteed to find a good chest freezer to fit your needs.

How do you decide which Frigidaire chest freezer you should buy, though? There’s no need to do a ton of research yourself – we’ve compiled all the information you need to make your decision right here.

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Frigidaire Chest Freezer FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about chest freezers.

What is a chest freezer?

A chest freezer is a freezer that sits on the floor and opens from the top. These freezers often have various types of baskets to help with organization, and some models have drawers in the bottom, too. A few have dividers, but they generally don’t have shelves.

How do chest freezers work?

Chest freezers are similar to upright freezers and refrigerator-freezers in that they freeze food. They don’t generally have an automatic defrosting cycle, so they’re better for your food.

Your normal kitchen freezer cycles from zero degrees to 32 degrees at least once a day. That’s how it prevents frost from developing on the inside.

However, that cycle also makes your food more susceptible to freezer burn. A manual-defrost chest freezer holds a constant temperature, which helps prevent freezer burn

What chest freezers does Frigidaire offer?

Frigidaire offers chest freezers in nine different sizes to fit your food storage needs:

All of Frigidaire’s chest freezers come with the following features:

What features does each Frigidaire chest freezer have?

  • Adjustable temperature control, so you can set your freezer to the optimal temperature for your needs
  • Power-on indicator lights, so you know when your freezer is running
  • At least one moveable basket, which helps you better organize your food
  • They’re built to be energy efficient

The 24.8, 19.8, 14.8 and 12.8 cubic foot freezers come with optional casters, which makes it far easier to move these freezers around.

The 17.5 cubic foot freezer comes with a whopping six baskets and a system of dividers. Unlike every other size, including the larger ones, this makes it simple for you to organize your food the way you need it.

This size also comes with ArcticLock™ walls, which will keep your food cold for up to 48 hours without power.

Every freezer that’s 12.8 cubic feet and larger also comes with the following features:

Some Freezers Have Additional Features To Consider:

  • A pop-out lock. With this, you can lock your freezer without forgetting to take the key out of the lock
  • Interior LED lighting, so you can better see what you’re looking for even in a poorly lit area
  • Leveling legs. Keeping your freezer level helps to ensure that it performs as designed
  • A pop-out lock. With this, you can lock your freezer without forgetting to take the key out of the lock
  • Interior LED lighting, so you can better see what you’re looking for even in a poorly lit area
  • Leveling legs. Keeping your freezer level helps to ensure that it performs as designed

Is a chest freezer a more economical choice than an upright freezer?


  • The wide variety of sizes means that anyone can find a chest freezer that fits both their needs and budget. That includes people who need a chest freezer because they butcher their own meat. The freezers are quieter than standard refrigerator-freezers.
  • Your frozen food is less prone to freezer burn in a Fridigaire chest freezer than it is in a standard refrigerator freezer because they hold a constant temperature.
  • In fact, they’re so efficient that even the largest model only. They work very well even in warm environments, like garages.
  • check-circleThe Frigidaire brand is well-known and widely available. They have their factory-trained technicians who will come out to your house to examine and repair your freezer.
  • check-circleFrigidaire also has its replacement parts so if you need a part replaced; they replace it with a genuine Frigidaire part.


  • There’s no door-open alarm, power-loss alarm, or high-temperature alarm. If you overfill your freezer and the food pushes the door up, you won’t know it until you see it.
  • It’s the same thing with a power loss or with abnormal temperatures. Every Frigidaire chest freezer is a manual defrost freezer. That means that you’ll occasionally have to unload it and unplug it to defrost it.
  • Unfortunately, they aren’t Energy Star® certified. Even though they’re efficient, you don’t get the rebates and other financial benefits of having a freezer with an Energy Star® rating. These freezers also take up space.
  • banMost people who use them at home have a basement or a garage in which to store them. If you don’t, though, you might have trouble finding space for even their smallest model.
  • banThe 17.5 cubic foot freezer is the only one that comes with a good organizational system. Even the two larger sizes don’t come with that system.
  • banFinally, you can buy more baskets for some of these freezers.

Where to Buy a Frigidaire Chest Freezer?

Since Frigidaire is a well-known and widely established brand, you can find a Frigidaire chest freezer just about anywhere. They’re available from Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sears, and many local appliance stores.

Warranties and Service Guarantees

Frigidaire offers a comprehensive service guarantee when you sign a service agreement. It includes having Frigidaire’s factory-trained techs come to where you are to perform diagnostics and repairs.

That ensures that you’re getting service from someone who knows your freezer inside and out and has the correct, high-quality parts to fix it. You don’t have to worry that someone will fix your Frigidaire chest freezer with poor-quality parts, and you don’t have to worry that you’ll have to wait forever for a special or custom part.

Furthermore, since you get your warranty from the place at which you buy it, Frigidaire makes sure that their service guarantees work with your warranty.

Even better, if you need to replace your chest freezer and you’re still within your service agreement, they will do so with something that has comparable features. And if you’re unhappy with their service, you may be able to get a full refund on the unused portion of your service contract.

You can get a one, two or three-year service agreement. Click here for more information.

How We Reviewed

We went straight to Frigidaire’s website, where they list all of their models, give detailed specifications, and even have customer reviews. Frigidaire does not remove negative reviews from their website.

In fact, they respond to negative reviews with offers to help these unsatisfied customers with their products, or with thanks for helping them improve their products.

We used their lists of features, specifications, and customer reviews to develop this article and help you decide whether to buy a Frigidaire chest freezer and determine which one is right for you.

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a larger freezer, then we recommend the 17.5 cubic foot one because of its comprehensive organization system. If it’s a smaller freezer you want, we recommend the 7.2 cubic foot model.

It’s reasonably priced, has a sufficiently small footprint, and it’s a perfect size for a small family. This freezer also great if you live alone or don’t have any children. It’s roomy but not so big that you’ll have trouble filling it up.

Ultimately, though, the specific Frigidaire chest freezer that you buy will depend on unique your needs and budget.

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