FFFC18M6QWa Freezer Review And Buyer’s Guide

Frigidaire FFFC18M6QW

Let it go! Let it go! Can't hold it back anymore! If you are looking for good freezers for good prices, look no further than Frigidaire! Sometimes there are so many gadgets and parts to new refrigerators that the freezer can be too small or lackluster to handle how much you have to put into it. A freezer is just downright useful, so why not get more of it? This is why an external freezer can be so important, and the Fffc22m6Qw Frigidaire Chest Freezer gets it done the best! You will not be disappointed with any Frigidaire product, and this one takes the cake in good design and balanced temperatures.

What Is the Size of A Freezer?

Freezers come in all shapes and sizes, with a myriad of different features and many factors to consider when deciding which one you want. As stated before, most homes already have a freezer included with their refrigerators, but there are many times when this is not enough space, especially if there are multiple people living within the same area. Sometimes you need extra room and getting a good external freezer can be the key. In looking for a freezer, there are three types you should look out for: upright freezer, chest freezer, and portable freezer.

What Are the Types of Freezers?

Upright freezers are popular because of their convenience. They take up far less floor space than chest freezers; they are much easier to get through doors, and they are much easier to carry than your average chest freezer. They also usually have compartments so you can divide your food in whatever way you see fit. However, this comes with a risk. They can be much more expensive than the average chest freezer due to their popularity. They also take more energy than chest freezers, which could mean even more money out of your pocket.

This is the type the FFFC18M6QW is. Chest freezers are quite different and a lot more energy efficient. Also known as deep freezers, they usually take up more floor space and have a larger capacity than other freezer types. If you have a lot of food or large items you want to keep in a compact freezer, then this is definitely your best choice. They're not as good for everyday use as the upright freezer because getting to any of the items on the bottom of the freezer will require you to move everything on top. They're also more likely to need manual defrosting, which gets messy and can be a pain to deal with. On the upside, they typically cost less than an upright model, both in upfront and long-term energy costs. The Fcm7Shww enjoys all of these benefits.

Lastly is the portable freezer, which - unlike the others - is built for longevity and typically smaller than the other freezer types. This is because it's made to be picked up and used anywhere at any time. It is perfect for any camping scenario or if you're just looking for a place to put your food to move from one area to another. They constantly stay at a cold temperature, and they don't need to be constantly filled with ice. Once you set the temperature, you can just go. If moving around is what you want for your freezer, then this is definitely the way to go.

What Is the Frigidaire FFFC18M6QW 17.5 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer

ice cream put inside the freezer

Image via Unsplash

The Frigidaire FFFC18M6QW Chest Freezer is a beautiful, 17.5 cubic feet chest freezer that cannot be compared.  Maybe you're one of those people that like to be well-prepared for almost any situation and want a place to store lots of food for a rainy day. Maybe you prepared a bit too much of mom's spaghetti and need a place to store it. Hey, maybe you just need the extra space to put bread. Whatever the reason, freezers are becoming more and more of a valid and important tool to have in your house, and any fears of an extra freezer are becoming more and more of a thing of the past.

Not only does the FFFC18M6QW have bright and well-implemented LED lighting, but it is energy efficient and well organized. It has adjustable temperature control, in case you want to keep your food extra cold, and is specifically built so that it can last a whole 2 days with no power, in case of a sudden power outage, which is something many chest freezers lack. It has a lock that ejects the key any time you lock it to make sure you don't accidentally leave the key in the door, and it has handy thick walls. It also has an indicator light that tells you if your freezer is on or off! This is a freezer dream come true!

Product Specs  

This beautiful, 200-pound freezer is a great energy saver! The FFFC18M6QW is near frost free, meaning clean up will be very minimal, and this means that this freezer will hardly leave a mark on your budget! It has a space organization system, so you don't have to worry about having to dig through your frozen goods to get the right food within your storage. There are both adjustable baskets and dividers to help with this. The insulation on the walls keeps your food cold without any power for up to 2 days, and it is 100% American made, so its full of pride!


Talk about the price of the product. Since prices are always fluctuating, do not refer to an exact price rather a price range or say "it can be purchased for around..." or something similar. Include in this section the marketplaces where this product can be bought.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare. 

  • Whirlpool 21.7 cu. ft. Chest Freezer
  • Midea WHS-109FW1 Compact Single Reversible Door Upright Freezer
  • GE FCM11PHWW 10.6 Cu. Ft. White Chest Freezer

Price: $$$    

The price is very fair for the amount of amazing and well-designed features that are included. You will wonder where this freezer was all your life once it's in your hands.



Design Quality


The FFFC18M6QW has a myriad of amazing features that help to make your day easier.

For the price, this freezer is great. You will have a great time and have plenty of space.

The FFFC18M6QW is a beautiful freezer, donning a pristine white.

The warranty will depend on the provider. Ask your retailer for more information.


  • Great look
  • Energy efficient
  • Adjustable temperatures


  • May be larger than needed
  • There is no ice dispenser
  • List Element

Whirlpool WZC5422DW Chest Freezer

Whirlpool WZC5422DW Chest Freezer
  • White Whirlpool 22 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer With Extra-large CAPACI...
  • WZC5422DW

If it's a ton of freezer space you're looking for, the Whirlpool WZC3122DW offers a nice and roomy 21.7 cubic feet of storage for anything and everything you need to keep things ice-cold. It comes with three interior storage bins to help keep your food stash tidy, a key lock to keep others out, and energy-efficient advanced foam insulation to ensure everything stays frozen solid for long periods of time. It also has great interior lighting, and a temperature knob to adjust how cold your food gets. It also looks nice with a white textured finish and a vertical swing door.

Price: $$$$   

The pricing of this freezer is pretty good. It's cheap and affordable for most people, and its well worth its price as well.


Design Quality


For its price, the capacity is actually really large. The problem, however, is that its quantity over quality.

The design of this freezer is sleek and nice to look at. It won't win awards, but it definitely looks very nice.

What your warranty is will depend on your retailer. Ask your dealer for more details about it.


  • Good looks
  • Simple design
  • Affordable price


  • Cheaply made
  • May take up too much space, mattering on living areas

Midea WHS-109FW1 Upright Freezer, 3.0 Cubic Feet, White

Midea WHS-109FW1 Upright Freezer, 3.0 Cubic Feet, White
  • With mechanical temperature control, you can easily set your preferences and keep your favorite foods evenly chilled....
  • Conveniently set your freezer door to open to the left or right, depending on the layout of your kitchen.
  • Cabinet Dimensions: 33.9" H x 19.7" W x 18.5" D

A lot of cheap freezers are made, and the Midea is no exception. It prides itself on how affordable it is and cuts corners to get you a freezer that is both usable and passable. This freezer supports different temperatures, ranging from -0.4 to -13 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is built to make sure your food is nicely packed in and airtight. The inside is also explicitly made to be easily cleaned, so you don't have to worry.

Price:  $$    

This freezer is cheaper than cheap. It's the bare-bones freezer with what you will basically need in any freezer. This is the ultimate everyman freezer.


Design Quality


7 cubic feet for this price point isn't too bad at all, and factoring in that many freezers are more, if you are looking for a little space for a little money, this is a good investment.

Not very complex and cheaply made, you can tell this freezer was made to be as low on cost as possible.

The warranty may depend on the seller. Make sure to ask your retailer what their policies are. 


  • Compact and easy to place
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Affordable


  • Cheaply made
  • Not especially energy conservative

GE FCM11PHWW Chest Freezer

GE FCM11PHWW Chest Freezer
  • With a door that locks to help keep children out
  • Up-front temperature controls are easy to reach and operate
  • Lock with key allows you to protect your valuable food items from unintentional entry

If you don't need as much capacity as some other chest freezer brands and want a cheaper solution to your need for a freezer, then this might be the choice for you! Owners and experts alike praise this freezer for how roomy it is, despite its size. It has over 10.5 cubic feet of space within the confines of its wall, meaning more than enough room for even a family who loves to stockpile their foods. This freezer is also certified with amazing energy efficiency, which is meaningless for your power bill.

Price: Around $$$$ 

Affordable and functional, this freezer has it all. While it's not the prettiest, it keeps your food well insulated.


Design Quality


The room in nice, having quite a bit of space for the money. This is, however, downplayed by the quality.

Its design is very basic and not particularly great. It also takes up quite a bit of floor space.

The warranty will depend on the retailer.


  • Functional
  • Has more room then it looks
  • Energy efficient


  • Takes a lot of floor space


To gain a clear picture of what you want in your freezer, you need to know exactly what you should be looking for in one. The FFFC18M6QW is am amazing freezer, but you need to know what you want before deciding on it. There are lots of categories to consider when picking, so be sure to understand what each means. Some basic things to learn about are temperature, amount of use, size, energy use, noise performance, and blackout performance. All of these and more are important to make sure that you are getting a freezer to your liking.

ice cream freezer

Image via Pexels

There are myriad factors that come into play when determining the amount of use a freezer is likely to get once you receive it. They include how often you go shopping, how many people will use the freezer, and your eating habits. Avid hunters will need a lot of space to keep their large quantities of meat frozen. Families that like frozen pizza might need to make sure that their freezer fits enough of them easily. It's smart to know what you'll need in terms of your freezer to avoid later frustrations.

Noise performance is how the freezer emits sounds. Some freezers are too powerful for their motor, resulting in it being loud and almost unbearable. While many freezers try to diminish this as much as possible, there are still some that do not. Keep in mind where you want to locate your freezer. If it's not a choice spot, this might become a huge factor in your decision.

Blackout performances refer to how long a freezer lasts when unplugged or subjected to a power outage. For some consumers, this may have little to no concern for them, but for others, this can be a huge problem. The severity of this will purely depend on your location, but if you live in an area where outages are a normal occurrence, this is definitely a huge factor to consider.

Regarding all of these factors, the Frigidaire FFFC18M6QW does exceptionally.


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